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Iron Fisticle Review

Iron Fisticle PC Dev. Confused Pelican / Pub. Curve Digital  Yeah, you read it right. Fisticle. No, I don’t know either, you’re just going to have to try and go with it. Search engine friendly titles aside, what’s to say about Iron Fisticle – a game which at first glance appears as comfortable and familiar […]

War of the Vikings Review

War of the Vikings Review Developer: Fatshark Publisher: Paradox Interactive Platform Reviewed: PC Release date: 15/04/2014 With your sword held aloft you hastily close distance on your foe, arrows and spears narrowly miss their target as you get ever closer to your quarry. Your swords meet with a shuddering crash, you back away preparing to strike again, the […]

Oort Online – Frugal Gaming First Look

Oort Online could be the best thing to use Voxels since Minecraft, maybe even better.  There are so many block building games out there now, we’ve covered a couple here on Frugal, and to be quite honest most of them are absolute pants. I’m convinced that Oort might be something different, something better, and before […]

Official Sony PS4 Wireless Headset 2.0 Review

Since the launch of the PS4 I have tested many headsets, trying to find one that will scratch my audio-whore itch. I’ve trialled cheap sets and I’ve trialled the top end models and both have left me slightly disappointed. The cheap ones were good for the price, but left me missing that surround sound fanciness […]

Lichdom BattleMage Review – Xaviant’s Beautiful Monster

First thing’s first, forget all that you know about the stereotypical Mage in RPG games.  It will only serve to contradict in this game. Now, with that in mind- or out of mind. Picture this, a Mage without a mana bar or cast cooldown. A magical menagerie of spell crafting possibilities only limited by your creativity […]