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Promo-Stomped-Wallpaper review

Ark Survival Evolved PC Preview

Ark Survival Evolved Early Access Preview Publisher: Studio Wildcard Developer: Studio Wildcard, Instinct Games, Efecto Studios, Virtual Basement Platform Reviewed: PC Release date: 02/06/2015 Roaring its way onto Steam’s Early Access is Ark Survival Evolved, yet another survival game. Another open-ended sandbox where it seems everything is out to kill you or at the very least do you harm. […]

bedroomfight review

RimWorld Preview (The Game That Made Me Kill My Pets)

Let’s get to RimWorlds dirty, sordid and sleazy heart right from the start: RimWorld made me lose sleep, RimWorld made me mentally ill. Hell! RimWorld made me murder my pets! Actually, what the hell is Rimworld? Am I trying to groom you all with some perverse porno bestial murdering snuff game!? Well of course, if […]