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GALAK-Z Review

GALAK-Z, the second game from indie developers 17-Bit, is a procedurally generated 2D space shmup heavily inspired by 80s sci-fi, available on PS4 and Steam. The game’s events begin just after A-Tak, an inexperienced but ambitious fighter pilot escapes an ambush that almost completely wipes out his fleet. It soon becomes clear that it’s up […]

ES2a review

Eden Star: Destroy, Build, Protect | Preview

Eden Star, from developers Flix Interactive, is a Sci-Fi survival game currently in Early Access on Steam. Dumped on an alien world with nothing more than a pistol and limited ammunition for defence, and a Hi-Tech multi-purpose space glove, the MATA-Tool, for resource gathering and construction. Your only goal is to create a base and […]