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Alien Isolation Review

Alien Isolation Developed by The Creative Assembly Published by Sega Reviewed on the Playstation 4 The original Alien movie is now over thirty years old and yet it seems as though this is the first video game to really take inspiration from that tense sci-fi horror. Many games based in the Alien universe follow the […]

Never Alone / Kisima Innjitchuna

Publisher: E-Line Media Developer: Upper One Games, E-Line Media Platform Reviewed: PS4 Release date: 18/11/2014   Never Alone, or Kisima Innjitchuna, is a puzzle platformer based upon stories of the indigenous communities of Alaska, the Inupiaq. Part game, part documentary, it’s a bold mix of tradition and technology. Working closely together Upper One Games, a company founded by […]

Civilization: Beyond Earth Review

Civilization: Beyond Earth picks up from where its predecessors left off, by combining the excitement of planetary exploration from Alpha Centauri, with the solid hex-based gameplay from Civilization 5. C:BE has found a wonderful niche in the market that will feel new to experienced Civilization leaders, but also offer some streamlined mechanics for those fresh […]