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Divinity: Original Sin Review

Divinity: Original Sin PC Divinity: Original Sin PC Larian Studios Back in the old days, before video games became about fist-bumping, ‘Let’s Play-ers’ and people calling one another ‘bro’, gaming used to be a pretty solitary occupation. You played, you experienced the highs and lows of adventuring in foreign worlds pretty much by yourself. Sure, […]


P.T. Publisher: Konami Developer: Kojima Productions Platform Reviewed: PS4 Release date: 12/08/2014 It’s approximately 11:30 pm, your family have all retired to bed, safe under their duvets, content and at peace. You turn the lights off, put on your headphones and snuggle down into the welcoming arms of your favourite chair. It’s just a game, you hear yourself saying […]

Frugal Gaming Review – Child of LIght

Playable Female Character? Check Red Hair? Check A Ubisoft Game? Surprisingly Check! Reminds Me Of Childhood Memories Sounds like a Gallifrayan’s dream come true.  Child of Light has been out for a while now and whilst I’ve been wanting to play it for some time, it’s been sitting and stagnating amongst my vast pile of […]

Obludia Review

Obludia FobTi Interactive PC  “Oblud-ee, Oblud-ah, life goes on, bra!” Obludia is a 2D Arena Shooter from FobTi Interactive. What does that mean? Well, it means that screenshots are going to look very much like The Binding of Isaac and this is somewhat misleading, since the game plays bugger all like Mr. McMillen’s classic* title. […]