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£20 Playstation Network or Xbox Live Credit Give-Away – Enter Using Twitter and Facebook

Here at Frugal Gaming we are trying to bring down the cost of buying digital games. We do this by tracking down the latest deals on both downloadable games and pre-paid credit. To celebrate this fact, we are giving away a £20 credit voucher to one of our lucky followers. The winner can choose between […]


Dungeons of Aledorn | Pre-Alpha First Look

“Spiritual successor to many old school hard-core RPG/Dungeon masterpieces, that combines tactical combat system, exploration in the first person view and intriguing travelling system between main map locations.” “Dungeons of Aledorn (DoA) is an RPG game that brings back several time-tested principles in a mixture of fantasy RPG/Dungeon. It´s primarily made for (and from) hard-core […]

CW2LOTN_-_motion_comic_-_just_me_and_you_beautiful review

Chainsaw Warrior: Lords of the Night Review

I saw this as being attached to the Games Workshop licence,  and on a whim asked to review it, partially to disprove a few naysayers about GW and their IP (intellectual property ) and them “putting it about a bit” by throwing licence permissions at any old studio. Mostly because I thought this game looked […]