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Gaming Headsets – Why I Swear By Them

I remember when multiplayer gaming was a console, BYOC (bring your own controller), a cartridge and split screening with friends (Goldeneye, anyone?). Nowadays it’s all online and this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as your friends can no longer screen watch to figure out where you are. I remember back when I got my first […]

Shovel Knight Review

Rest assured, if there was any part of my body that even remotely disliked Shovel Knight I would have ran with that just for the excuse of writing “Shovel Knight? More like ShovelWARE!” (Un)fortunately Yacht Club Games have opted to strip me of that minute amount of fun to instead offer a whole bucket-load more […]

Broforce Preview

Broforce is a side-scrolling 2D run n’ gun shooter that jerks might compare to Contra but honestly its’ got more in common with a demolition derby than any of its fellow shooter bro-thren. Along with its pixelated aesthetic and action movie loving personality, what makes Broforce unique is its entirely destructible terrain and dozens of […]

Knightmare Tower Review

Knightmare Tower PC Juicy Beast Studio Back in the late 1960′s, Tammy Wynette sang the words, “Sometimes it’s hard to be a woman,” in her hit song ‘Stand By Your Man’. Tammy was right, sometimes it is hard. Sometimes it’s downright impossible. You’re minding your own business, being a special and delicate princess, when some […]