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frugalgaming1Supporting Frugal Gaming

We love helping our readers save money via the deals on our website, but to ensure we are able to carry on doing this we need your help. Please take a moment to read about how you can help support our website in just a few easy steps.

Using our links

Using the links on our deal pages will help as some retailers will pay us a small amount of commission (Usually a few pence) for any purchases made as a result of being referred from our site. This doesn’t add any extra cost to your purchases and helps to pay our server costs, forums and Podcast hosting.

Sharing is caring

As well as our website, we have a presence on most social network sites. One of the best ways of helping us is by Liking, Sharing and Retweeting our deals and posts. This helps us build our reader base and is easily done as all our deal pages have share buttons at the bottom of each page.


We have been working really hard on building our YouTube Channel, bring you honest product reviews on a wide range of tech. Please Subscribe to our channel here and help us grow.

Ad Blockers

We all hate adverts, but they do help keep our website running and we try to keep them as minimal and as relevant as possible. A large number of people use Ad Blocking software which stops adverts from showing up. One negative effect this has on our site, is that it stops our referral / affiliate links from working, which means we don’t get any commission that we use to keep our website alive.

If you want to help us our regarding Ad Blockers, you can go in to the software settings and add us to the list of websites that are not blocked. This will only take a minute for you, but makes a massive difference to us.

Thank you for your continued support