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NoScope Hydra Gaming Glasses Review

As gamers, we have a pretty bad reputation for sitting in front of the goggle-box for lengthy periods of time, immersed in our make-believe worlds, rescuing princesses and tea-bagging noobs. There are several things that can ruin this wonderful experience, including eyestrain, dry eyes and headaches. I personally suffer from these issues and would welcome […]


Oort Online – Frugal Gaming First Look

Oort Online could be the best thing to use Voxels since Minecraft, maybe even better.  There are so many block building games out there now, we’ve covered a couple here on Frugal, and to be quite honest most of them are absolute pants. I’m convinced that Oort might be something different, something better, and before […]


Frugal Gaming Scroogecast Episode 17 – Strain & Rinse [Eplicit]

Show Details Daz and Lee return for a record seventeenth show, shaking off the dreaded curse of the sixteenth show. This week we talk about what we’ve been playing as well as bringing you the latest gaming news. Frugal With The Truth also makes a surprise return, with another selection of filthy tales from Daz. […]


Frugal Gaming Scroogecast Episode 15 – Exploring Joey [Explicit]

Show Details This week Daz and Lee are joined by special guest GB Joey, one of the former hosts of The Last Save Loaded podcast. On this episode we  interact with our Twitter followers and discuss several questions they have put forward. Joey discusses how expensive video games are in countries outside the UK and […]


Frugal Gaming Scroogecast Episode 14 – Lee Sucks [Explicit]

Show Details This week the boys return for the first show of 2014 and it’s a bumper episode. Daz and Lee discuss everything from their favourite games of the last generation of consoles to the phenomenon known as the female masking movement. This episode sadly sees and end of the nations favourite game, with our […]