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Darksiders II: Deathinitive Edition – PS4

Initially released in 2012 to a mostly positive reception and as a sequel- to the 2010 original Darksiders game. After the demise of Vigil Games & THQ, Darksiders 2 has been resurrected by new publisher Nordic Games, with a vision of imposing life back into the franchise. For anyone not in the know and who […]


Frugal Gaming Review – Shadow Warrior

A Mystical, Action, Adventure, Comedy, Kung Fu, Monster, Ghost Story! Reboot, Remake or Re-Imagining? I’m not sure which one best describes the snazzy new version of 3D Realms 1997 over the top action-fest. Having originally launched just a year after the cult hit Duke Nukem 3D; which was also developed by 3D Realms, the first […]