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Frugal Gaming Scroogecast Episode 11 – The Seriously Mental Show [Explicit]

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This week Daz and Lee return to host their most serious podcast yet on the subject of mental illness and video games. Both hosts bare their souls as they share their stories of how mental illness has effected them and what part video games have played. We also have a special guest, the legendary Richie M off of Twitter who also gives a brutally honest account of the issues he has had. Don’t worry, Frugal With The Truth returns to lighten the mood with more tales of disbelief.

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As usual, adult content and strong language from the very start!!

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5 thoughts on “Frugal Gaming Scroogecast Episode 11 – The Seriously Mental Show [Explicit]

  1. that was the single most important gaming podcast i have ever heard. i am a menta health nurse and would like to rruly extend my gratitude to you guys on what was a very delicate subject matter.

    1. Thanks James, it was a tricky subject to cover but I am glad we did it as it genuinely seemed to help people. Really appreciate the feedback. Daz

  2. When is the next one coming out as I need my frugle fux

    1. There will be a show out next week as we have been really busy this week.Also there should be a show recorded next weekend at the Eurogamer Expo 🙂

  3. Wtf where Is the podcasts tards

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