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The Best Mobile Games of 2013


Smartphone technology has advanced so rapidly that we can now play games that only cumbersome consoles could play a few years ago. Some of these games have graphics that could rival any PS3 or Xbox game, fitting neatly into your palm enabling you to play them while you’re on your way to work.

The range is staggering too. You can play just about anything, from retro conversions of old games, to brand new ones that push the boundaries of game narratives for mobile devices. It’s enough to warrant getting a contract if you’re not on one already: check out the contract phones available from Virgin Media to figure out which one will give you the best gaming options! Here is our run down of the best mobile games of last year:

Deus Ex: The Fall

It beggars belief how a stealth-based RPG game could possibly translate to a mobile platform. Deus Ex: The Fall showed just how this was possible. The graphics are up there with the console iterations of the game: you won’t actually believe that you’re playing the game on a phone. Expect dystopian human augmentation, conspiracies and plenty of moral dilemmas and choices to make. All on your phone!

Year Walk

Not all mobile games need to have headache-inducing rainbow colours with high contrast levels. Year Walk isn’t for those who scare easily. Simogo’s sinister game’s best moments are when the player is confronted by the strange puzzles it has to offer, as well as encounters with its strange, creepy creatures.

The Drowning

It’s the future and oil spills have turned most of the population into… zombies! This is a first-person shooter that is incredibly ambitious in its scope. Players must fight for survival by blowing the zombies into smithereens while crafting new weapons from materials found in the wastelands.


Badland features beautifully designed levels, amazing physics and very responsive controls. Quite possibly the best physics-based platformer of all time (for mobile devices, anyway), it features 80 levels, one-touch controls, iCloud support and the promise of more level updates. A true triumph of indie video game development.

The Silent Age

The crowd-funded Silent Age is another true triumph of indie gaming. It features an amazing soundtrack, beautiful visuals reminiscent of noir films and a sci-fi time-travel concept that will captivate geeks and non-geeks alike, as they play a janitor who gets himself into a time travelling conspiracy with the shady corporation he’s working for.

Mobile games aren’t really doing much for manners in our post-smartphone society. Given how amazing and addictive they are, it’s really no surprise that one would rather enjoy and experience alien worlds on their phone, rather than making polite conversation to a stranger on the train. Still, it certainly makes that train journey go that bit quicker.

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