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Pre-Order Guide – When Will Retailers Take Payment? Full Details


Many of our readers often ask when they can expect to be charged when placing pre-orders with certain retailers. Benjo has kindly compiled a list of retailers, along with details of when they charge your card. Some retailers take the payment as soon as you place the order and others charge just before your order is dispatched.

Hopefully this information will help you make informed buying decisions, after all you may not want your money sitting in a retailers bank account for weeks, whilst you sit at home waiting for the games to be released! If we have missed any retailers, please use the comment box below and we will add all the info you need.

[box type=”info” style=”rounded” border=”full”]These rules apply when paying via card, rules vary when paying using PayPal.[/box]

365 Games
Card Charged: On date of order

Card Charged: On dispatch

Card Charged: On date of order

Asda Direct
Card Charged: On date of order

Card Charged: On dispatch

Card Charged: On dispatch

Card Charged: On date of order

Green Man Gaming
Card Charged: On date of order
Card Charged: On dispatch, day before shipping
PayPal Charged: On date of order

Simply Games
“Credit/Debit Card Payment for pre-orders will be taken 3-4 days before the official release date once we have the items in stock and ready to ship. Payment for orders placed using PayPal will be captured when we dispatch your items unless your order was placed more than 28 days before the official release date. In this case your payment will be captured within 28 days of your order placed”

The Game Collection
Card Charged: On Dispatch

The Hut
Card Charged: On dispatch

Tesco Direct
Card Charged: On date of order

Card Charged: On dispatch

5 thoughts on “Pre-Order Guide – When Will Retailers Take Payment? Full Details

  1. What about, do they take your money right away? I’ve noticed they accept Sage Pay and Paypal (I know with Paypal your money is taken right away) but not sure about Sage Pay.

    Thanks for the guide – much appreciated.

    1. I have got in touch with them, but still waiting to hear back

  2. We at GameKeysNow & GamePointsNow charge on dIspatch for orders, unless there is any bonus items that we send out early like early access etc, then we have to charge at time of order.

    Paypal orders however have to be charged at time of order regardless

  3. Any idea on when Game take paypal payments?

    Tried asking their support, don’t have a clue, maybe you’ll have better luck.

    1. I will try to find out for you, although they ain’t the most helpful bunch lol

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