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HMV To Cease Selling Pre-Owned Games – 75% Off All Remaining Stock


[box type=”tick” style=”rounded” border=”full”]We can confirm that HMV are selling off pre-owned stock at a 70% discount[/box]

Frugal Gaming has it from a very good and reliable source that from Monday 10th of March HMV stores across the UK have been told to sell off ALL their stock of pre-owned games. This comes off the back of of HMV completely pulling out of the pre-owned market. As of yesterday 5th March 2014, HMV retail stores ceased selling pre-owned games.

Our very reliable source tells that that from Monday 10th March 2014 all pre-owned stock will be reduced to clear all stock. To ensure that the process is speedy, the stock will be uniformly reduced by 75% in all stores!

Obviously stock will be different in each store, but that amounts to ALL pre-owned games being reduced to under £15 including any PS4 and Xbox One titles and titles from as little as 60p.

This is a massive opportunity for you bargain hunters out there to bag some good deals. We at Frugal gaming would never post something like this unless we were sure of our source.

UglyGeezer, from Frugal HQ

11 thoughts on “HMV To Cease Selling Pre-Owned Games – 75% Off All Remaining Stock

  1. Wow makes me wish I either lived in the UK or was traveling there for this.

  2. £22.48 for lego marvel (PS4) & COD Ghosts (Xbox One) Thanks guys!!

  3. I picked up Dead Riaing 3 and Ryse for £24.28. We’ll chuffed. Thanks Lee

  4. I picked up Dead Rising 3 and Ryse for £24.28. We’ll chuffed. Thanks Lee and Daz.

  5. Got Tomb Raider definitive and ryse for £22 traded TR in at game for £22.Brilliant.

  6. Was first in store this morning.Sadly only one next gen game in my HMV, Zoo Tycoon on XB1 for £11. Bought it anyway. Also got Arkham Origins (360) for £7, AC Black Flag (360) £7, and Tomb Raider (360) £6.

  7. I picked up need for speed and BF4 on PS4 for £25 then traded in at game for £58. You guys rock!

  8. Got Black flag and tomb raider on PS4, Ryse, FIFA and Dead Rising on xbone plus beyond and gta on ps3. All for £81.53!

  9. Picked up the following at HMV Wycombe: PS4-COD Ghosts PS3- Resistance 1 & 2, Lost Planet 3,
    Hitman HD Trilogy (new not pre-owned), Crysis 2, Prototype 2, Rage. Total cost £35.

    Note some of the games in the sale are actually new. It’s not just pre-owned.

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