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The Lego Movie Videogame PS4 Review

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The Lego Movie Videogame PS4 Review

Publisher: WB Games
Developer: TT Games and TT Fusion
Platform Reviewed: PS4
Release date: Out Now

For nearly 10 years now the LEGO franchise has charmed us with their approach to the videogame industry. Taking iconic characters and blockbuster movies, presenting them in the world of LEGO has provided many hours of entertainment. Whilst the format of puzzle solving, exploration and light hearted humour remains the same, it is often the source material that provides the most amusement. That being said, how will this release fare being so closely related to the movie it is based upon?

The story follows Emmet, a normal guy, being mistaken as the master builder who will save the universe from the evil tyrant Lord Business. A diabolical man who is determined to destroy the universe by gluing it all together and thus putting an end to creativity. Along his journey Emmet is assisted by other master builders, special LEGO characters able to construct whatever they can imagine from the world around them by using the bricks that the universe is built upon.

The main campaign contains 15 stages that are navigated by using each characters unique abilities. Emmet, a construction worker by trade, can smash blocks using his drill or repair various machinery using his wrench. Wyldstlye can navigate through tricky platform sections using her excellent acrobatic skills. Batman, yes Batman!, can use his batarangs and grappling hook to further progression. As with all previous LEGO games switching between characters is a simple button press and is quick and seamless.


Campaign levels can be found in one of several hubs which are locations taken directly from the film, Bricksburg and Cloud Cuckoo Land for example. These areas can be explored between missions where you will find various side quests and bonus content. Anyone familiar with the franchise will notice just how much smaller in scale they are. It certainly does not offer the freedom of past titles such as LEGO Marvel Superheroes or LEGO City Undercover. There is however, enough variety to keep younger gamers entertained for a while.

To add a little more substance to the experience a few character specific mini games have been introduced. Construction workers are able to build various objects using pieces from a radial menu, the sooner the correct piece is chosen the more studs are rewarded. Hacking computer consoles take the form of a Pac-Man style maze where the goal is to avoid enemies while navigating to certain areas of the map, this is a welcome addition and certainly offers more variety to the game play.

For the completists out there the game still has a lot to offer after the story levels have been completed. Areas can be revisited to find hidden collectables such as mini-kits and red bricks. New to the franchise are the pair of pants. A secret item based upon the show ‘Where’s My Pants?’, very popular with the residents of Bricksburg. The full roster of characters will be needed to find them all and it will take some time to reach 100% complete.


Graphically the game feels solid and is well presented. Entire worlds seem to have been constructed using LEGO pieces you may have at home, from large buildings to trees and benches, it is all instantly recognisable. The soundtrack has been faithfully reproduced including the annoyingly catchy ‘Everything is awesome’ song. Dialogue between the characters is well written and, at times, can be quite amusing.

Whilst the game is full of all the things synonymous with the LEGO brand, this title has one major flaw. As it is based on an actual LEGO movie, there are no surprises here. The ability to have a little fun with the source material has been lost. If you have seen the movie you would have already heard the jokes and laughed at the cultural references. It feels sterile to some degree and definitely aimed at a younger audience. It is not a bad game, far from it, but the fun that is a LEGO game has been lost. Fans of the movie will enjoy it, the world has been lovingly recreated and there is a lot to explore, but for those looking for the light hearted spin the LEGO franchise has become famous for, there is not much on offer here.


Reviewer – MrBadDog


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