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Everything That Is Wrong With Call of Duty: Ghosts

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Everything That Is Wrong With Call Of Duty: Ghosts    **SPOILER ALERT**

Call of Duty: Ghosts has come under a lot of fire for many reasons and I understand why. The game itself feels less like any other Call of Duty I’ve played, I find it disappointing- but it would be important to say I don’t hate the game. I feel indifferent to it. To me it just doesn’t feel like Call of Duty. So I’ve decided to go through and highlight some of the games shortcomings and list exactly where I think this Call of Duty game has gone awry, and where it is too much of the same.

It all starts with the Campaign. Am I the only one with a bad case of Déjà vu?  During the first mission, ODIN is unleashed and Logan (played by you) and Hesh manage to survive the blast from a flying gas tanker. Once you awaken you may think you were playing a remake of the last mission from Modern Warfare 2. It is in fact a cut scene that has been recycled. The fact they seemingly did this does them no favours, when people all over the internet are claiming that every game is a re-skin of the previous. It takes more than four years for CoD fans to forget what many consider the greatest Call of Duty of all time.

The Campaign also doesn’t deliver as much of a punch as previous core games of the series. It’s not as emotionally captivating as the Modern Warfare series – it doesn’t take us through as many twists and turns as the Black Ops series. It feels almost hollow, with the main focus being on becoming a ‘Ghost’- which y’know, is the most important thing during the end of the world- well that and your attack dog.

Multiplayer… Now where do I begin? Since day one it has been riddled with spawning issues, framerate issues, a lack of what I would define as good killstreaks. Seriously unbalanced weapons and not to mention some very poorly designed maps.

I have video -clips in my OneDrive/XboxOne uploaded of some serious spawn killing, I’m sure other seasoned players can testify to this, as do the videos I have linked on this piece.

I’m not just talking about camping in or near a spawn and picking off people as they run out. I mean people spawning in front of me and me in front of them.  Now, you would think that as the maps are so huge this should NOT be happening, that there would be a radial spawn field that would make sure there are no opponents within that specific area before you spawn. What makes me laugh, is there has been several updates yet none really seem to address the problem.


The frame rate issues have only really came about since the update that prepared for the Onslaught DLC pack. Although it is less noticeable on smaller maps- maps like “Stonehaven” have been affected with reports of between 45-60fps fluctuations on this map particularly. Also the field order for the map “Containment” creates a plethora of frame drops, leaving the experience feeling partially broken. Whilst aiming down the sights of a sniper rifle you will get about 30fps, frame rates are also dropping because of explosives and effects that use an alpha base. 60fps is what Call Of Duty is really known for, yet some report frame rates below 20fps and it’s yet to be fixed.

Before fix

After Fix

The kill streaks: In the beginning we had bulletproof dogs and invincible squad mates, now that they have leveled and balanced them to a degree. But what’s the point in going for high kill streaks when in all honesty-they suck? Gryphon’s are useless, unless you’re a perfect shot- they almost always take two shots (with explosives?). LOKI is pretty useless because of the sheer amount of buildings to hide in (same situation with Helo Pilot), not to mention how long it actually takes to fire and for the shot to be received.  Rather than kill streaks they should just allow you a pack of IED’s for your kill streak. How often can you escape an IED? Even with lightweight and marathon if you tripped that IED you will most likely die even if you’re the other side of a wall.

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The maps are generally pretty awful. A lot of them are far too big, and offer far more to campers than to people who enjoy fast paced action (which is what Call Of Duty WAS). It seems like you have to run 3 miles to see anyone, only to get killed by someone who has just spawned behind you and shot you in the back. There are FAR too many head glitching points, the game seems to give unfair advantage to those willing to use the dirty tracker sight and sit in one place the whole game.

OVERALL , I can honestly say I don’t hate the game, I’m just disappointed with it. It doesn’t offer much in terms of mixed game play, like previously stated- it seems to ally itself with CoD campers. I am a rush player, and have found I have to slow myself down and adapt to this game. I honestly think that maybe Infinity Ward is tired. With Respawn Entertainment (seemingly the talent of Infinity Ward) releasing Titanfall later this month it will be interesting to see how many players will actually remain on Call of Duty: Ghosts.

I think there is a possibility that the combination of Raven, Infinity Ward and Neversoft may be removed from the cycle if Sledgehammer does well and IW do not step up to the plate with their next game.  All the problems with this game so far seem like amateur mistakes; maybe these are something to do with Raven and Neversoft? I don’t know, but this is not what I expected from Activision and Infinity Ward.


Author: Mark Kerry

Platform Played: Xbox One

Videos Courtesy of DigitalFoundry and satantribal

6 thoughts on “Everything That Is Wrong With Call of Duty: Ghosts

  1. Spot on about campaign mode. It’s all so thunderingly dull. I mean, if it’s your first COD game, it probably seems amazing but if you’ve played any of the previous 5 titles it’s just more of the exact same.

  2. I can honestly say I HATE THIS GAME!! This is by far the WORST COD game ever made! The campaign is possibly the worst campaign mode of any FPS I have completed, and I thought the MW series were shit writing, Ghosts is on another level of crap altogether! The multiplayer as the author mentions is shockingly terrible as well, the maps are fucking massive, you can literally run around for 5 mins and not see a soul. If you thought older COD games had campers, the ones in Ghosts are something else entirely, everyone is fucking camping, and since the spawning and maps are totally fucked, it takes half an age to go back and kill the prick. If I do ever play cod, I play BO2 because ghosts is just a big pile of horse shit!! I’m pretty damn sure the author fucking hates this game like I do but, is trying to be nice so activision don’t look at him with disdain, but if you have that many problems with a game when you love the series, I’m pretty damn sure u hate that shit!

    1. I can honestly say i don’t hate it. I do find some enjoyment in it, but the lack of major issues being addressed in game through patches is annoying and some are quite frankly daft.
      The game is just a disappointment to me personally, it doesn’t feel like a real CoD title.

  3. This.

    It’s also for all these reasons that I now easily consider Battlefield as the superior game…

  4. Very well written and I wholeheartedly agree with everything. COD is just a tired franchise repeating the same game plays, guns, and maps with the most tiny of tweaks. No innovation whatsoever, nothing new, it is like they do not even try…..they know hardcore COD players will buy it no matter what as there isn’t another fast fps out, BF4 is a different genre of fps. Titanfall is a massive step in the right direction and COD should take notes from them. I wish Titanfall was on PS4 as I don’t have an xbox or pc, I’d trade Infamous SS for Titanfall any day. As luck would have it, I am most likely getting an xb1 titanfall bundle which I couldn’t be more,excited about. Please COD take notes, change up your game, don’t rest on your laurels year after year, make the game fresh again, or eventually COD will die like MOH.

    1. Thank you 🙂 but i hope it doesn’t die out as the fundamentals are fun, it just needs an overhaul; with sledgehammer joining the roster giving each collective more time to actually work on there game hopefully they will be better, i think its the two year cycle that has made the games degrade over the years…i got my copy of titanfall today 😀 going to livestream on Twitch shortly.

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