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Rumour: Activision Due To Change The Lead Platform For Call Of Duty To Playstation 4

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Industry insider – FamousMortimer (the guy who first leaked intel on call of duty resolution differences between consoles) has dropped another bombshell regarding the franchise. On 18/03/2014, he stated that  “The PS4 is above and beyond all projections and publishers are re-calibrating to this. I heard that Activision is going to make a public announcement about COD changing to the PS4 as lead platform.”

The source would have been discredited had it not been for his previous, correct leak on the franchise.

(Full post can be read here)

Now you may be wondering what this actually means; well it means that Playstation will receive content before Xbox and at the end of the Call Of Duty adverts on TV you will see Playstation (not Xbox) in the UK at least. So if you bought an Xbox One for Call Of Duty DLC primarily, you may be shit out of luck.

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There are a few reasons this actually makes sense. One of which being Microsoft really promoting the release of Titanfall, which was named as Call Of Duty’s biggest competitor and seemingly getting very cozy with EA. Although in all fairness I don’t think they’re comparable as they both feel and play completely different. Also, Microsoft and Activision’s Contract is up, the contract which named Microsoft as lead console and scored priority DLC, actually expired end of 2012 (Link Here).

Not to mention that Activision have been getting friendly with Sony on the production of Destiny- the latest title from Bungie (which is also being marketed with the Playstation stamp). 

Word on the street is that the Call Of Duty 2014 title being worked on by Sledgehammer was also previewed at the Destination Playstation Event earlier this year- usually the game previews are revealed at Microsoft events.

Now, the issue with Last Gen platforms was that they weren’t built around PC architecture like the Xbox One or Playstation 4, this is why each Call Of Duty played better on Xbox 360 than on the PS3; because they were natively built for Xbox360. With this Generation I don’t think we will have this issue as each console is built around PC architecture, meaning that the games can be developed (and ported) on a more level playing field.

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All in all,  I believe we know that Activision are just money grabbers, like almost any publisher. With the PS4 making more sales than the Xbox One we all know this move is a viable one. But what does that mean for the consumer? Well, honestly I don’t think it means an awful lot. The only change will be DLC content swapping priority. Although as it stands this is a rumour, I think soon enough it may come to fruition. I suppose we will have to see what happens at E3 2014, this will surely shake things up.

What are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments section or hit me up on Twitter @Markjay11. Feedback is always appreciated.

** I contacted activision to see if they could comment on the above, at the time of writing I have yet to hear anything.**

9 thoughts on “Rumour: Activision Due To Change The Lead Platform For Call Of Duty To Playstation 4

  1. in case anybody has not noticed call of duty is on its way out

  2. Lol the “Insider” who leaked this (FamousMortimer) was banned from NeoGaf (the website he posted this CoD info on) because he repeatedly stated false information. He ended up talking about how the director of DriveClub left because he was about to get fired by Sony, but the real reason was because the director couldn’t balance working on the game 24/7 with taking care of his sick 4 year old son who had Nephrotic Syndrome. Its actually quite disgusting that this “Insider” had to force a man to protect his reputation (by revealing personal issues on the internet) just to have few days of “Internet Fame”. With that being said, it is highly likely that this information is completely false.

    1. i think the fact he previously leaked corrected info on CoD probably says he has an inside source at Activision, either way its a rumour that actually would make sense if it pulls off.

      1. Oh of course you think it’s real info, you just wrote a who article that clearly shows you want it to be real.
        Pete Dodd is nothing more than a mouthpiece for known Xbox haters in the media. His primary source is a single writer at Kotaku.

        And so apparently we can just pick and choose “facts” from “insiders” when we “want” them to be correct…. REALLY GREAT REPORTING THERE BUDDY!

        1. Did i say i think its real?
          i just stated it COULD be credible, and reasons why it could be. Also this was posted for review nearly 2 weeks ago now. This whole article is written with the fact it IS a rumour in hand.
          And regardless, I’m an xbox one owner who plays CoD regularly and i don’t own a PS4. So YES i Definitely want this to be correct! 😉

        2. since you know so much why don’t you write? i mean you could write an encyclopaedia on everyone else’s lives, because clearly you know more about my own thoughts than i do.
          Maybe its because you’re special. read the article again and tell me where i state that i want this change of platform or where i state that this is even a fucking fact?
          lol you have serious fan boy issues.

          1. Double reply, wow. I’ll hang out for a couple days to see if you have any more coming.

  3. LOL

    1. You clearly have nothing else to base your claims on if thats all you have to say. Enjoy being wrong.

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