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[CLOSED] Random Give-Away – Tearaway & 16GB Vita Memory Card


As part of our Twitter celebration give-away we are giving away a copy of the amazing Tearaway for the PS Vita as well as a 16GB Vita Memory card (Both Used).

All you need to do to enter is use the comment box at the bottom of this page to let us know what you think is the best game you’ve ever played on a hand-held console.

Feel free to add your Twitter tags so we know who you are, otherwise we will use the email address to contact the winner.

[box type=”info” size=”large” style=”rounded” border=”full”]The winner will be picked at random @10pm 9th April 2104 and announced shortly after[/box]

The winner was Twitter follower @Brooker411

89 thoughts on “[CLOSED] Random Give-Away – Tearaway & 16GB Vita Memory Card

  1. Obviously I am not entering, but I’d have to say the best game I have played on a hand-held console is Hotline Miami.

    Finishing that game is my greatest ever gaming achievement and although it made me want to rip my own face off at times due to the fact it’s so hard, it was a truly brilliant gaming experience!

    Looking forward to seeing other peoples nominations!

    1. Tetris – the first game I could play against my parents and the one that probably set me on the way to gaming as a hobby

  2. Best and favorite game on handheld game console, Dave Mirra BMX Challenge. Twitter @nai13omb

  3. The 3DS has really impressed me with its line up and although a fairly recent release, Zelda a Link Between Worlds had me engrossed from start to finish. Quite fitting that the sequel to my favourite SNES game of all time is my favourite hand held game of all time. Twitter @mrtim1982

  4. Tetris on gameboy spent an age on that game as a child.


  5. The best hand held game I’ve ever played is Pokemon gold. It was the only gameboy game I had for a long time and I still never got around to finishing it. Every so often I go and dig it out of whatever box it’s stuck at the bottom of and start again but it’s never quite as good as I remember it being when I was a child.

    (By the way, don’t you think picking a winner in 2104 is a bit late?)

  6. Would have to say it’s uncharted on the Vita for me, to go from the big screen to the smaller portable screen so seamlessly and nor loose any of the franchise’s appeal is great looks great & plays great, always handy for travelling or just lying in bed 🙂

  7. Uncharted on the Vita is awesome

  8. Pokémon Gold. Not only did I level up my original Pokémon Red starter to level 100 in Gold, but it also introduced the night and day system, Pokémon breeding, shiny Pokémon and the first expansion beyond the original 151. Then the return to Kanto, doubling the game’s size.

  9. The best game I’ve played is uncharted because it was the first game that showed what the vita was capable of and did it really well. The use of touch front and back was awesome alongside the use of motion controlling too. Graphics and story lived up to the series and was really good. Overall a great game to launch on vita release and that’s why its my best game :).

  10. I’d have to say Gravity Rush. It was the first game I completed on my Vita and a unique experience that worked so well on that platform.
    Special mention to Ascension: Chronicle of the Godslayer on iOS. (Not sure if iOS is counted as a console but clearly a handheld machine) This was an adaption of a tabletop card game that I have been playing daily for over 2yrs. It was so much fun I imported the actual physical game as a result!

  11. Got to be the first time I played GTA on the PSP.


  12. Also The Walking Dead by Telltale on the PS Vita was incredible. Played and looked just as good as the PS3 version.


  13. Gotta be Hotline Miami on Vita. Had already played and finished it on PS3, but the intensity of playing with the screen a few inches from your face and the awesome soundtrack playing through headphones make it such an intense experience. Hypnotic!

  14. The best game I’ve ever played on a handheld would have to be Uncharted: Golden Abyss.
    The sound, graphics, voice acting, controls and gameplay were spot on.
    Sony bend did a fantastic job when walking in the footsteps of a giant like naughty dog.

    1. Just forgot to put my twitter handle in the OP.
      It’s @ratta237

  15. I would have to say Rayman on the gameboy advance.
    Always loved rayman, i have the new game on my laptop, had rayman on the ps1 also. Never got bored playing it.

  16. The best game I have played on a handheld console has to be Pokemon yellow on the gameboy , the hours I spent playing that game, also the first game that had me interacting with my friends using the cable to trade Pokemon … I still find myself digging through the loft to find my gameboy

  17. I would have to say Super Mario 3D Land on the Nintendo 3DS. It was Nintendo at their very finest and I couldn’t put it down for weeks and it is most definitely in the same class as Super Mario 64 (which, funnily enough, doesn’t feel that great on a handheld!)

  18. The best game I played on handheld is persona 4 golden!

    1. My twitter account is @11jbor

  19. Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together on the PSP/Vita. Turn based perfection on the go.

  20. For mine, I have to cheat a little bit and pick a game that originally wasn’t on a hand-held: Persona 4 Golden.

    I just finished getting my platinum trophy, and it amazed me how the port not only managed to keep the quality of the original, but added some much extra content that was also fantastic. I can easily say that P4G is one of the best games I’ve ever played, hand-held or console.

    My Twitter handle is @ThatRedLion, just in case you need it. 🙂

  21. The best game I have ever played was ‘the legend of Zelda slink to the past’ when it was re-released on the game boy advance. This has been and possibly will be my favourite ever game, to have it on handheld meant I could play it anywhere – happy days!

    Don’t even need a guide book, I know where everything is now from memory!

    1. Twitter tag is andyeaston85 forgot that before!

  22. Best handheld game I have played would be would be persona 4 golden. I personally asked my friend if I could borrow his game and his ps vita console so I could play it. The story was intense and the game was hard to put down because of that; so much so that I would find any excuse to dive back into it, even skip pointless lectures my college had scheduled me into that I was not for that day. to learn more story/level grind/dungeon crawl/beat bosses/establish friend links and upgrade my characters personas. I loved it so much I bragged about it during my previous job in Game to staff and customers to buy the game on vita or purchase the ps2 version. Amazing game! 😀 a game made just perfect…..finally 🙂

  23. Persona 4 Golden is my favourite handheld game, and one of my favourites of all time!

  24. It’s going to have to be Killzone: Mercenary.
    Absolutely brilliant game. Feels like KZ, plays like KZ and even the multiplayer stands up against, and beats, a lot of the MP I’ve played on a home console.

    Also, from a technical point of view, cut down or not, it’s impressive how well GG Cambridge got the gorgeous Killzone 3 engine to run on that tiny little machine!

    1. Forgot my twitter tag! @Brooker411

  25. Zelda: Link’s Awakening for Gameboy is my absolute favourite handheld. Kept me hooked for weeks on end, and I played nothing else, then I downloaded the DX version for 3DS a few years ago and did it all again!

  26. Best Game I have ever played on a handheld was probably The Walking Dead – Its so gripping and the graphics were great. It was a perfect game to be able to carry around with you and play whilst travelling.

  27. I’d have to say any of the castlevania games. My 2nd ever handheld was the gba. Great games. Also any of the metroids! (I love my Vita too just thinking back to when I first got into handhelds.


  28. I think Hotline Miami is my choice for the best handheld game. Loads very quick, perfect screen size and controls. Graphics are not importent to me and i dig the retro look. @verocious

  29. Well for me it has to be, Final Fantasy X HD the issues with saving and random battles I had when this first came out are solved as I can put the Vita into standby whenever I need to take a break. Perfect when I want to play at work and only have half an hout to an hour to play! @KamokaziUK

  30. Guacamelee on the vita, absolutely wonderful game.

  31. Killzone mercenary is a close second, an unbelievable game that shows the experience that the vita can provide. But my winner has to go to the original pokemon games, red and blue. Probably the first game I ever completed and I must have done it a dozen times. Brilliant stuff.

  32. For me it has to be Soul Sacrifice on PS Vita! It was unlike any other hand held I’d played to date and thoroughly enjoyed it.

    1. Ah forgot my twitter name, @HantaUK

  33. My favourite would be ristar the shooting star on sega gamegear, fun game with oddly hard difficulty level. Nothing beats a game where you only have a few lives to motivate you to try and be amazing at the game. There were many amazing games like Pokemon and Tetris etc but this one sticks in my mind, with it’s quirky character and fun but slightly tedious gameplay.

    X Smileitsclaire

  34. Rayman Legends the best game for the vita – beautiful, rich colours, great gameplay and a good story too

  35. Has to be Sonic the hedgehog on the Gamegear, it was a hand held game in full colour twenty years ago, it was incredible!

  36. Crikey, this is a tough one and mean to make us only pick one. So I’m picking 2!

    First Pokemon red. How much love I have for that is untrue! And got me through my child hood!

    Second would have to be uncharted golden abyss on the vita. Jesus biscuits is that an excellent game!! Uncharted is fully awesome and to transfer it to vita and still keep it’s charm was amazing. #pokemonrocks #nathandrake4ever

  37. I would say Uncharted until last week but now I guess I will go with Hotline Miami, the soundtrack is awesome!!

  38. Rayman origins on vita, worked wonderfully well

  39. Well its Tetris isn’t it. Its universal appeal solidified hand held gaming as a market that could reach outside of gamings normal demographic.

  40. Hotline miami, trying to get platinum now

  41. Final Fantasy X | X2 HD Remaster on the Vita for me. I was impressed most of all by the simple ‘swipe one way to heal your whole party’ between battles which saved a lot of pfaffing around in the menus with the PS2 version. It’s great for both long grinding sessions and short Blitzball-fests if I only have restricted playtime. I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to Platinum the game(s), but it’s going to be a huge timesink going for it, and I love my timesinks.

  42. Dragon’s Crown on the Vita is pretty damn awesome as is Persona 4

  43. Uncharted for the vita, probably not because it was the best suited game for a hand-held console but because it changed what I believed was possible on a hand-held. It was like a full blown console game just in a portable form.

  44. I guess I have to choose between Killzone (vita) and Call of Duty (psp), they were both great looking at the time they came out, with entertatining multiplayer and singleplayer. I guess it is the COD as I put more hours in it then KZ.

  45. Oooh tough question for me it’s between Terraria (Vita), Hotline Miami (Vita) and Pokémon blue on Gameboy colour because you know nostalgia.

    The reason I’d say terraria is because I absolutely love that game I’ve played so many hours on it and it is such a good time sink. From building to exploring I never get bored and with friends taking on bosses it’s really fun. However I would think that my love of it is more of a personal love, I don’t think I would recommend it and if I was to actually say what the best game was I would go for Hotline Miami. Definitely one of my favourite gaming experiences and definitely the first game I would recommend to anybody who is looking too or recently purchased a Vita. From the music to visuals everything in it is fantastic. But not only does it look and sound great but it plays great too. Ok so every now and again an enemy will kill you because of the slightly less convenient vita lock on mechanic but on the whole an awesome game. It has a lot more depth than expected too with level diversity, numerous weapons, multiple masks for in game perks and cool boss fights. (Some of which took bloody ages to do) on the whole though although very stressful, getting the platinum trophy in that is probably one my best and this game is awesome.

    Pokémon blue is in there because I played that game sooooo much as a kid. I ended up playing through it 5 or 6 times. To be fair though that was probably mainly due to the fact that my annoying little brother deleted my save files all the time. Sometimes choosing to do it just before key moments in the game, like some sort of evil genius. I would come home from school all excited to finish of another gym trainer only to find my save file wasn’t there. 🙁

    But all things considered I would vote Hotline Miami (Vita). One of the best games I’ve ever played and definitely a must have for any Vita owner.
    Oh and twitter thingy is @cheese92abc

  46. Tetris nothing can come close

  47. Gotta pokemon yellow just because it wad the first game i had with my gameboy. Spent alot of my youth on this game 🙂 happy memories

  48. I’ve not played that many games on my Vita & have stuck with ‘big screen’ gaming mainly, but I do love a few rounds of Everybody’s Golf.

    Twitter name: @JaySFnB

  49. I would have to say god of war. If not for the awesome gameplay it’s for what they crammed onto that psp visually, personally thought it was a stunning game.

    Next to that, Mario on the game boy. To this day I still find myself whistling the music from the first level.


  50. I’ve only just started Fez on my Vita but it’s already become one of my favourites on the console.
    The game is a joy to play and you can only wonder at the genius/madness that went into creating it, some of which can be seen in Indie game the movie.

  51. Hotel Dusk: Room 215 on the Nintendo DS. One of my favourite games of all time even.

  52. God of War on my old psp, that was awesome back then becasue my ps2 had died and I was so sad about missing the God of War games, GOW on PSP was a great suprise when it came out (played both originals on my PSP).

  53. I am a huge pokemon fan and you couldn’t stop me from playing if you tried.
    Pokemon Red and Blue are the games that started it for me and thus are my favorite (i think they count as one). They were the most advanced games on a handheld at the time and produced hours of gameplay / fun. I could still play them today and am praying for a virtual console release.

    Twitter = @phillybear2011

  54. Smart As is a great game, entertaining and a very easy plat (time consuming but ok). I enjoyed it very much and if there was a second game like that, I would go for it too.

  55. The best handheld game I have played is Mario Kart – Super Circuit on the gameboy advance. A great adaptation of the original SNES game that not only builds on the original but also looks great and plays really well on the limited hardware specs. I still fire the up the gba to get some high octane Kart action.

  56. It’s still Pokemon Blue on the Gameboy Colour for me. So fun and addictive!


  57. Easily Pokemon Blue/Red on the Game Boy. Spent hours and hours on that, think it’s the only Pokemon game I’ve defeated all the gyms on.

  58. Tetris DX on the Game Boy color. My first ever gaming experience on the toilet. Appropriate game to play while on the John. Marathon was my go to mode.


  59. Looking at these comments makes me think I’m getting old, but for me, it was Shenobi on the Game Gear. I had to appreciate something I could play in the dark and spend waaaaaay too long trying to get to the end of.

  60. Twitter account is @mrcookio

  61. The Walking Dead on vita was very well entertatining for me, even thought I had played it on PC before, still it was a lot of fun on the go.

  62. Tetris is my #1 of all times, then it was theone and only for me, at that moment we had 3 or 4 pieces at home, sort of an offline multiplayer experience, to see who can keep up the longest. So much fun!!

  63. Has got to be Tetris, played it on my monochrome GB. I only have to hear the music and I’m taken right back!
    I can’t think of any other game on any console that I played more of.
    In an age of “non gamers” gaming, I’m looking at you candy crush/ FarmVille. It was the 1st pick up and play game for everyone, I can still hear the rows about who go it was/ turn to buy batteries.
    A classic in every sense of the word!

  64. Fifa 13 on my Vita, it is even better than fifa 14 as it is still the same game and doesn’t cost me a thing. I love playing it in the train.

  65. I would say Killzone Mercenary, why? It was a very good game and soon it will have offline multiplayer mode with bots, so I can play some high speed action FPS everywhere (I have no internet on my vita).

  66. Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep on PSP. The best KH game on a handheld by far!

  67. Little Big Planet, hours of fun and a great kid-friendly colourful game!

  68. Uncharted Golden Abyys, I am a big fan of Uncharted serie and played the 3 PS3 games and then this one came with my vita I was blown away, great game!!

  69. Spelunky is by far the best game I’ve played on handheld. It’s perfect for handheld, for my daily commute, and has massive depth and replayability. I also discovered it by being frugal! I got it for just under £4 for Vita and PS3 crossplay, and my girlfriend who never plays games has become really addicted to it. Many’s the weekend mornings we play co-op, and it’s really made her understand my love of gaming.

  70. Great question Daz, so many to choose from, like many have said as well, Tetris from Gameboy days, or even earlier Donkey Kong on the twin screen, uncharted as well on vita was awesome, and I’ve only played a few times on it.

    But think at the moment just for pure madness, and laughs…….Frobisher Says!!! – this has me and my kids in stitches, probably just my warped sense of humour ;o)


  71. Pokemon Blue just because it was the first game I remember being really stuck in and didn’t play anything else for many months (or do much else!).


  72. What, no love for WWF Superstars on the GameBoy? An instant classic in 1992. Plus, it had Ultimate Warrior on the cover, alongside Hulk and Macho Man (I think).

  73. Mine would be Wonderboy 3 on the Game Gear.In my opinion it went from a pretty basic console platformer to a really vibrant game on this version and loved it 🙂 X @berniehugo

  74. This is a toughie. Zelda is my all time favourite franchise and the re-release of OoT has to be the best game I’ve played on a handheld console abut Tetris will always have a place too.


  75. Dragons Crown on the Vita is a great game and have finished it several times. Love the online coop between PS3 and Vita too, it was seamless most of the time. Also worth giving a shout to Rainbow Moon too. Had a lot fun in that but have yet to finish it.

    Twitter @carlslawson

  76. I was expecting a few more people to say Luigi’s Mansion on the 3DS. That game was an absolute masterpiece.

    That Persona 4 game seems to be getting a lot of love. No my cup of tea though!

  77. Showing my age here, but it has to be Tetris on the Gameboy, it was insanely addictive, and many a time I was told to ‘turn that fucking thing down!’ by my parents who sick of the music. 🙂

  78. Animal crossing on the DS was my first so holds a special place in my heart.

  79. The best game I’ve played on a handheld was Zelda Ocarina of time 3DS It kept you entertained for hours. Awesome Giveaway. Twitter Tag – @Sonic_gizmo

  80. castle of illusion on the Gamegear. Simply as I played the hell out of it so much and spent a small fortune on batteries

  81. castle of illusion on the Gamegear. Simply as I played the hell out of it so much and spent a small fortune on batteries – twitter @markwithers

  82. Gotta be Pokemon Red on the Gameboy! Twitter zero86r

  83. Fez is beautiful on the vita, fantastic mechanics and great to pick up and play. Works better than on the big screen

    Tetris on the original gameboy is a close second

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