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[CLOSED] Random Give-Away – Titanfall for Xbox One


As part of our Twitter celebration give-away we are giving away a used copy of the amazing Titanfall for the Xbox One.

To enter, all you need to do is use the comment box at the bottom of the page to let us know which game you think deserves the title of the best first person shooter game EVER?????

The winner will be picked at random @10PM 10th April 2104 – Please leave your Twitter tag in the post, otherwise we will contact you via the email you use on the comment section (Which is kept private BTW)

[box type=”info” size=”medium” style=”rounded” border=”full”] This is for a USED UK PAL version of Titanfall for the Xbox One, which was kindly donated by our team member @Purdy1981[/box]

The winner is @BurgyUK

72 thoughts on “[CLOSED] Random Give-Away – Titanfall for Xbox One

  1. This is a hard one for me as it’s my favourite genre of games. It’s a close call between COD3 and COD 4.

    COD 3 was such a pure FPS experience, but COD 4 really set the path for what most modern FPS games have become.

    But as I can only pick one, it will have to be COD 4!

  2. I have to say battlefield 3


  3. Either the first Halo or Halo 3 both games were epic. ill side with Halo 3 Though

  4. My favourite is Battlefield bad company

  5. C’mon let’s be serious there is only one, it’s one of the originals, everyone played it till there floppy disc fell apart (or if your a little later cartridge broke or disc melted)

    It’s the one the only DOOM!

    No other game ever matched it, nor ever will


  6. I think that the game that deserves the title of the best first person shooter game ever is definitely and has got to be the Call of Duty title, as of how much it has grown from the years of it starting from how it is now and also the amount of people that go on it and play on it for hours on end each day.

  7. Doom.

    First played it in 1995 and still give the game a whirl to this day.

    1. I never actually played that game. That was my beer drinking / clubbing era, which meant I missed loads of classic games 🙁

  8. I’m loving every bit of bf4, I preferred the controls in bf3 especially when in the choppers but bf4 on the ps4 is my all time fave

  9. Plenty of technically superior games have come and gone since but I’m gonna give it to the game that gave me the biggest buzz when I played it for the first time, the one that really excited me about how my favourite games would look and play like in the future:


  10. I would have to say for me it’s COD4 on ps3, never really played the single player but lost weeks to the multiplayer, excellent maps and a good array of weapons,

    But atm for me it’s bf4 on the ps4, I know it’s had several problems since launch but I still feel it’s an excellent shooter and looks and feels even better on next gen with so much promise I just hope it finally delivers.

  11. While i absolutely adored Battlefield Bad Company 2, i am gonna have to give my vote for Battlefiled 3. I spent about 1300hrs playing that game & loved it to bits.

  12. Half life 2.
    HL was awesome but 2 was awesomex2

  13. For me cod mw2. 24 days worth of play getting to 10th prestige level 70 legitimitley!


  14. Duck Hunt on atari, I spent hours massacring wildfowl as a child!

  15. TimeSplitters on the PS2.
    Endless fun playing this back then, and even now.

    Twitter: @Gfitz85

  16. Goldeneye on the N64. Playing 4 player split screen with your mates on the sofa and 1 of you had to use the cheap un-official Nintendo controller. Happy days. @silverkopking

  17. quake 2

  18. The greatest first person shooter? That’s easy, it was the mighty Timesplitters 2. Many a weekend were spent at a friends house playing 4 player split screen, and we loved every minute of it!


  19. I’d say Battlefield Bad Company 2. I liked so much the destruction in this one and I’ve played so many times that level in the snow.

  20. Best FPS ever has to be Black on PS2. The mixture of great gameplay, stunning visuals, and stunning orchestral soundtrack made it feel like you were actually there.

    Many games have come since with the likes or Cod and Battlefield taking the forefront, but they still just live in the shadows of this amazing game.

  21. Half life 2 hands down

  22. Oldie but goodie – Doom!


  23. Has to be COD4
    Was amazing and changed the series as soon as it arrived, the buzz about that game will likely never be matched @KEYEOFFICIAL

  24. Battlefield: Bad Company

  25. Come on.. There can only be one.. It’s COD 3! @nannychrisma

  26. Well, it just has to be Timesplitters for me. Robofish anybody?
    Twitname- @cotly

  27. Easy Half Life 1, 2 never quite felt like it played as good.


  28. Unreal tournament was probably one of my best first person shooters back on the dreamcast, loved it.

  29. I would say Call Of Duty 4
    Twitter @Sonic_gizmo

  30. for me its Call Of Duty 4.

  31. The best FPS for me is any Halo game. I miss not being able to play a halo game yet on Xbox One and have been stuck screaming at Call Of Duty Ghosts since Xbox One launch!!! Please free me from the curse with titanfall 😉

  32. Would have to go with an old one Half Life

  33. I’d say COD Modern Warfare. Single player was worth it, an multiplayer was the best thing since sliced bread.

  34. Gotta be wolfenstein 3d it was the first I ever played

  35. Gotta be wolfenstein 3d it was the first fps I ever played


  36. The FPS I most enjoyed playing was the original Half-Life. Great storyline, very innovative and funny! Second is Borderlands 1/2.

  37. Most definitely Goldeneye 64. It is a multiplayer masterpiece ! All the different modes and great designed levels led to hours of fun.

  38. For me it’s goldeneye 007 what a game ! Great with friends and family !!!

    Twitter name: JL_Starz

  39. Doom.

    … Doom !


  40. Black ops 1

  41. Close call but would have to say Battlefield, Bad Company ( @twitertink )

  42. Hmm hard choice..gotta be Gears of War 3 😀


  43. Battlefield 3 it would have been 4 but at present it is still to buggy

  44. battlefield 3


  45. Call Of Duty 4


  46. It has to be Half Life 2 the pacing felt more pedestrian than the rest and mix of intelligent puzzles and exploration was a refreshing diversion. Plus two words ‘GRAVITY GUN’ until they become a reality, no one will ever get bored of using it.

    Throw in the fact that it plus episodes 1, 2 and portal make up the best compilation since Super Mario All Stars and its an outright winner. @mrtim1982

    1. And of course Team Fortress 2 ( note to self don’t write posts whilst trying to look busy at work as I’ll miss details off!)

  47. As a massive CoD and Halo fan this is a difficult choice but controversially I’m choosing Bioshock. Controversial as in is it a FPS or an RPG,to me it is and I love both 1 and 2 with a passion. @berniehugo

  48. Battlefield 1942 without a doubt. The game that got me into online gaming. Often imitated and never bettered.


  49. Has to be Battlefield Bad company 2 – played it so much I was in the top 100 in the world by the time BF3 was available

  50. Doom, it hold the blue print that most have followed and is still perfectly playable today

  51. Doom 2 really started it for me, even cod and bf4 can’t come close to the hours I clocked up.


  52. For me it’s got to be Doom! I played it from initial release way back when! It set the standards enjoyed by today’s FPS!


  53. I’m going old school, for me it has to be the original Doom even playing that game now a days still gives me a rush 🙂


  54. I don’t know about best EVER since I didn’t really get into FPS games until the originakl Xbox came out so I’m going to have to say Halo 2.
    Metroid Prime would be a strong contender but that’s considered more a first-person adventure than an FPS.

    “The winner will be picked at random @10PM 10th April 2104” – Wow we’ve got ages!


  55. Quake 2. Fired it up again the other day – it’s still great and brought back loads of memories of playing vanilla Q2 and Action Q2 on Wireplay.

    1. Doh! It’s @Jaffo (just in case!)

  56. Rainbow 6 was one of the best but Plants v Zombies is a shock contender on xbox one

    1. @christian1968uk

  57. Borderlands comes to mind first as best fps. Mixs loads of elements together to make a truly epic game which is different to other games of the genre and doesnt bode to copying other games

  58. the one i played the most was modern warfare 2 but i always like battlefield 3


  59. For me it has to be Goldeneye on the N64..
    Nothing better than playing Golden Gun with 4 players…

  60. For me, this is relatively easy, cod 4, the level all ghillied up, never before (or since), has a level made me feel more tense, excited and exhilarated than this, a true pinnacle moment in my 35+ years of gaming ☺


  61. GoldenEye. The first time I used the sniper rifle and the bit with the dam are more memorable to me than anything that’s come in a FPS since!

  62. I would probably have to say probably GoldenEye 007 on the N64. Definitely a genre defining game.. Fantastic local multiplayer.. Loved every minute of gameplay.


  63. Best FPS ever has to be Half Life 2.

  64. The original Medal of Honor… many an hour spent playing Omaha Beach in MP 😀 [@JusHodge]

  65. It’s got to be call of duty: modern warfare 3 for me! Great storyline and gameplay.


  66. I was gonna say HL2 or Portal but then what makes them great is that the best weapons in them aren’t guns so I think I’ll have to go with COD4 (then again, the best level in that is Death from Above which is a bit of a cheat too! :S).

  67. Goldeneye on the N64. I don’t think I’ve spent as much time on a FPS since. That game truly brought FPS to home consoles.

  68. @Brooky73

    Unreal Tournament – M-M-M-MONSTER KILL!!! 😉

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