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Everything Wrong With Titanfall

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First things first- I absolutely love this game, so before you get the wrong idea and call me a fanboy you should bear that in mind.

This game is another that came with high expectations, with people blowing bubbles up its arse left, right and centre. Being dubbed “the CoD killer”, it really had to give an experience of fresh air to the FPS genre. For the most part it delivers, and what it does deliver on it does perfectly. But, to me, there are aspects of the game which feel rushed, disappointing and lacking in the variety department.

The campaign-which is just a collection of multiplayer matches with a bit of extra dialogue, feels like a last minute addition that to me felt less than a half-arsed attempt. The small dialogue sections are entirely pointless, ultimately you’re just playing a collection of Attrition and Hardpoint Domination. The teams are locked in so if your team are entirely new to the experience and absolutely useless, expect to lose every game in the entire “campaign”.

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The distinct lack of Titan variety, considering that titans are a massive part of what makes this game so fresh. They have really skimped in this department, with only three to choose from, two of which are unlocked by playing both sides of the (collection of matches) “campaign”. The only real choice is the Ogre Titan, with the highest defence. Whilst three is a good number in terms of variety, I think with this game three is just not enough. The addition of future Titans is something that has been ruled out as “too much work to undertake”. With how much this game relies on Titans to sit worlds apart from usual FPS games, I think this is a department they shouldn’t have skimped on.

The lack of variety in terms of create-a-class. Out of all of the weapons there is only one or two maybe worth using, all others are useless at range or due to the sheer speed of pilots. In fact I find each category and the choices inside are actually underwhelming. With a game so solely based on multiplayer I can’t understand why it feels so bare in this area.

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Generation challenges are a shocking idea. You reach level 50 and then if you haven’t already, you’re asked to deviate out of your comfort zone to use some of the worst weapons and more horrible equipment of the game to get a particular amount of kills. This is awful, as it means if you get to rank 50 and haven’t touched any of the equipment challenges required to access the next generation, you will left sitting at 50 until you complete the challenges. For instance get 250 kills with the EVA-8 shotgun, why would you do that?! The maps are pretty huge and a shotgun is probably the least useful weapon to use!

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All-in-all I love this game and its clearly focused on user experience and fluidity over features, which makes for an undeniably AAA feeling game.  But with a title so focused on multiplayer and with literally no single player at all, could the things mentioned really be so overlooked? I believe the game could have been something so much more, the game is wonderful as it is- but it would be so much better if it were the same game with more customizability. I expect that more weapons and maps will become available through DLC, we may even see some titan weapons. Sure thing is we won’t be seeing anymore titans.

5 thoughts on “Everything Wrong With Titanfall

  1. I agree!

  2. I’ll have to disagree with you about the challenges. The challenges make each generation unique and memorable. They can be a giant pain in the ass. Especially when using a gun that is different than your normal play style. But they add more flavor to the game than just get X amount of XP.

  3. Dont like the regeneration challenges at all.. they sucks… btw the animation of the pilots are so bad… even when they shoot at you, you cant even say if they are point their gun on you.. just look in the tip of the gun when some one shoot (third person mode) in other games.. when you move your gun to the left or the right.. the animation correspond to that… here.. in titanfall.. thats not the case (third person mode).

    Autor, why dont you say something about the graphics?… they sucks hard against games like Battlefield, Crysis and espacially KillZone… take note that i am playing it on PC with a GTX 780…. 1200p native..”insane” textures. all maxed…240 hz 47 inches TV.. and even then… my eyes bleeding for the graphics department of this game. (justttt look the interior of your titan in the “enter” animation

  4. While I generally agree with what you’ve written I question how much you’ve actually played the game since the Atlas, not the Ogre, is the most common Titan and considered to be the most powerful. Likewise, your example of the shotgun as a bad challenge is incorrect for me because the shotgun is a very solid weapon for hunting other pilots. I wonder if it’s a coincidence that the challenge you mention is also one of the very first regen challenges.

    30 critical hits with the Charge Rifle, now that is actually a stupid challenge – the weapon is under powered for a bunch if reasons, and its easier to kill Titans with it than get critical hits.

    1. Please bare in mind this is just my personal views of whats wrong with the game. i personally dont like regen challenges, tbh the shotgun isnt a good example i know, but its not a weapon i enjoy using

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