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An Honest (and very angry) Review- M0B1US


Developed by: Mental Universe

Platform: iOS

Price: 69p

M0B1US is a simple obstacle avoiding game, one which I despised from the moment I began playing. It was clear that this game was radically under developed, uninspired and about as drab as dry toast.

I simply cannot fathom how Mental Universe think this is worth any money whatsoever, I for one would not pay to play. If you have seen the YouTube advert of the game, you need not buy it, that is honestly the whole game. Who wants to run around the same four walls dodging two types of obstacles over and over again? I’m good for that shit, thanks.

This game was pitched as a “Multi-directional endless runner”, well that is a completely misguided statement, you run in the same direction endlessly going up and on all sides of your screen, so basically you could play this game with a piece of paper and imagination, except that might actually be worth playing.


Upon playing the game you are met with a rather confusing, cluttered screen. The worst part is this is the screen you play on. Yep, the whole game is one screen, no background, just some horrible polyphonic ear rape and a cluttered screen of shit that nobody cares about, quite frankly it’s obvious this game was created in three weeks. It’s outrageous that something made in 3 weeks is even being marketed as anything but free. The fact it’s 69p is just an insult and you will feel betrayed and demoralized if you buy this.

The below are features that are actually listed by the developer-


– Fast-paced gameplay

– Simple, one-touch controls

– Futuristic, techno soundtrack

– Run around all 4 sides of the screen

– Game Centre leaderboards”


Let me just say, that’s all that’s listed because that’s literally all there is. Trust me once you play this game, you will more than likely be clearing your smashed iDevice up and claiming insurance than uploading your high score to Facebook.


As I am writing a review on this title I had the displeasure of rigorous play, and after that rigorous play, these were my findings-

The controls have awful registration, sometimes it did not even register my touch input, inevitably making it impossible to even get a decent run. Not to mention a bug which I was able to replicate a few times- basically the game is going on even before you hit the start button, so I found that when I hit start sometimes my character would become stuck in the obstacle. This actually rendered the app useless and resulted in having to restart it.

The graphics do not even make sense, to be honest the running platforms are a little reminiscent of a cheap toned down Pac-Man championship edition, but the runner looks like a little piece of 16bit shit. It’s so obvious this game was not thought about. It’s like they said – “ let’s try and make something quick to make a quick buck and hope no one notices”. Surprise, it’s so noticeable. I really hope this game damages your reputation, because it sure as hell damaged my emotions.

I won’t quote the other review comments that were posted, but let’s say absolutely none of them were remotely positive, more neutral… as if to be nice. But this game does not deserve nice. This game actually disgusted me so much to the point where not only do I not like it, I absolutely fucking hate it. Hey ho, another disgrace on the digital market place.


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