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Microsoft Xbox- Phil Spencer in Charge. Is He Listening To the Consumer?

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With Microsoft Trying to evolve and move on from the PR disaster that was E3 last year, with Don Mattrick at the helm, Phil Spencer has taken the reigns. Whilst this is not breaking news, it is interesting to see what decisions he is making for the future of the console on the lead up to E3 2014. It seems that every week since he has been in charge we have been littered with info and news regarding the console- things we would usually expect at E3. But with his “Games, Games, Games” policy, it looks like E3 will be just that, with only a few moments of eyes on console features.

Whilst this is good for everyone and generally a step in the right direction in terms of the console and what consumers have been asking for since the console reveal at E3 2014, I personally hope that he does not simply forget the shortfalls of the console. Since its rocky release, there have been plenty of issues on all fronts of the system. For instance, loading times when swapping between a game and a message, Xbox Live Party issues, the resolution differences between the two consoles (however with the recent release of Wolfenstein:The New Order in 1080p/60fps on both consoles, it just goes to show what wonders a decent engine can do).


In some cases, steps are already being taken to even out the performance difference with the release of a Kinect-less Xbox One for the same price as a Playstation 4. Whilst this is a good move for reeling in those paranoid about the NSA, its a bit outrageous in terms of what you actually get. A console which is less powerful for the same price and missing a large part of its UI which is integral for the full experience. Lets face it, the console has features that are simply inconvenient to use with out voice commands.  Especially with load times of some apps being very slow at times.

In any case, I think that a lot of the bad press and drama seen around last years announcement of the console was created by the walking joke that is Don Mattrick. Coining terms like ” we have a console for those without internet, its called the Xbox 360″ (with regards to the always online status before the DRM U-turn) just goes to show he did not have the consumers interest at heart. I mean, most companies don’t, but at least they pretend they do. At least now he has his wish, working to create online only Facebook games. I wonder if after the abortion that was last E3 he was thrown out, he knew this and then created as much bad press as he could.


At least Phil Spencer seems to be listening to some of the outrage and cries of the consumer who feel slightly robbed, at the end of the day we didn’t buy a games console to have Sports Channels as Apps and interface-able TV, we bought it for the games. Whilst going Kinect-less is a good move, it is worth mentioning that there will still be releases for it and continued support, we can also expect to see External HDD support, to what extent however is still unknown. I should think it will be like on the Xbox 360 . I just hope that with the games being Phil Spencer’s main concern,  he keeps refining the system and ironing out the little niggling kinks. He seems to be listening to what people want, which can only be a good thing.




7 thoughts on “Microsoft Xbox- Phil Spencer in Charge. Is He Listening To the Consumer?

  1. A resounding YEPPP. Have the author gone to Phil’s twitter page ??
    This kind of question is just flamebaitting, stupidity at its best.

    1. Have you read the piece? The author is clearly a huge supporter of Phil Spencer.

      1. He’s also clearly uninformed “we can also expect to see External HDD support, to what extent however is still unknown”

        1. At the time of writing, which is about 3 weeks ago now, obviously we did not have the update yet. Clearly you do not understand the concept of backlogged articles.

          1. At the time of this writing Microsoft had had the beta out for a week and it was publicly talked about. I made sure to check your publish date before I posted that of course didn’t want to sound like a dick if it was before the HDD announcement.

          2. Sorry was looking to provide you with exact dates but can’t view that as the article has been posted.. Either way it was shortly after they showed the pic of the HDD installing on xb1. Tbh this article is not just about HDD support so I’m done talking about it. Thing of the past. E3 conference for xb1 was great, Phil Spencer is great, this article is about him and what has happened since he took the reigns, look at the bigger picture.

  2. A well written piece. I agree I think Phil is a definite move in the right direction for the company, hopefully it is not too late to catch up on the PS4 IMO.

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