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Gaming Headsets – Why I Swear By Them

all_products_header_final_1I remember when multiplayer gaming was a console, BYOC (bring your own controller), a cartridge and split screening with friends (Goldeneye, anyone?). Nowadays it’s all online and this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as your friends can no longer screen watch to figure out where you are.

I remember back when I got my first gaming headset, it was my first EUROGAMER EXPO and I was overwhelmed with everything on offer to see, play and buy.  That’s when I clocked my first gaming headset on the Turtle Beach stand. I couldn’t afford to splash out on an expensive headset at this point so I bought a pair of the X12’s -which to be fair were quite expensive back then for me. Knowing very little at this point about gaming peripherals, I wasn’t aware of how much difference they could make to how immersive the game felt and give you an edge in multiplayer games such as Call Of Duty.

HP_USB_Tx_2014It’s safe to say as soon as I got the headset home and started playing with them it felt like playing the game without them was pointless, it was as if the TV may as well have been muted. The spectrum of sounds I was able to pick up on with my new investment was amazing to me. I found myself only using the headset, it was a necessity not only for multiplayer, but for any game I played. The difference truly was phenomenal. If I was playing without a headset it felt like I was trying to eat soup without a spoon. I still play with a headset to this very day, on any game.

Although now, I have upgraded my headset (albeit I should really upgrade them again) to the XP500 MW3 Edition, these beast’s had it all, the Bluetooth chat adapter (which is pretty standard nowadays) customizable chat and game volume controls and customizable pre-sets for your favourite games! It was, and still is an amazing headset. With these I find it easy to get lost in any game for hours, everything is crystal clear and sounds boom beautifully that you wouldn’t be able to hear from standard TV sound.

audio-main-1Where Gaming Headset’s really shine though, is Multiplayer. You will find there is so much more depth to the games audio then you ever could possibly comprehend when you start using a headset. Sound cues that you would miss- such as a claymore going off, a silenced gun being shot in the distance, an enemy scattering just around the corner from your position, someone casting a plasmid trap in the next room in Bioshock 2 multiplayer…… All become accentuated and pinpointed, which massively gives you the upper hand over non headset users and allows for you to react accordingly.
In conclusion I swear by gaming headsets for all aspects of gaming, I will honestly say you haven’t truly experienced Skyrim until you have had the epic battle music drummed into you skull in 5.1 surround whilst battling a dragon to the death using magic – it makes you feel like a God.

2 thoughts on “Gaming Headsets – Why I Swear By Them

  1. I use my headphones for times when I don’t want to disturb others, but nothing beats a quality surround sound setup…you can’t beat the bass, the impact of explosions and gunfire is really not matched by headsets, and I find the surround sound much better with speakers. That being said, I do love the Steel Series H wireless headset, it’s spectacular for those times when cranking the volume just isn’t possible. It’s funny, but I find it much more palatable gaming on a headset than listening to a blu ray movie on a headset…not quite sure why that is but I get no enjoyment at all from movies when I have headphones on.

    1. Yeah, I wrote the article with neighbours in mind or for those who do not own a surround sound/home cinema system.. Or in my case, your gaming room is too small to support or warrant a 5.1 setup :/

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