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Official Sony PS4 Wireless Headset 2.0 Review

sony ps4 official wireless headset

Since the launch of the PS4 I have tested many headsets, trying to find one that will scratch my audio-whore itch. I’ve trialled cheap sets and I’ve trialled the top end models and both have left me slightly disappointed. The cheap ones were good for the price, but left me missing that surround sound fanciness and the more expensive sets always made me feel like I’d shelled out far too much money and left me with a touch of buyers remorse.

If only there was a headset that could bridge this gap

Well luckily there is and it’s Sony’s very own offering in the form of the official PS4 wireless headset 2.0. Available for under £60 it offers 7.1 virtual surround sound, built in microphone and access to custom audio modes using the Headset Companion App. The PS4 and PS3 both support the 7.1 virtual surround sound whereas the PS Vita doesn’t, but I don’t think anybody really expected it to. The headset also includes an audio cable which enables them to be used wired to your Xbox One controller if you are lucky enough to own both systems. To use them on the Xbox One, you will need the XB1 headset adapter which you can get for £18.85 here


First impressions

The headset has a very minimalistic design, with all the nobs and twiddly bits well concealed giving them a very stylish look. They seem sturdy and durable, whilst feeling lightweight and compact at the same time. They can be folded and stored away in the microfiber drawstring pouch that is included in the box, this also doubles as a cleaning cloth so it’s win win.


This is the part that usually boils my piss when it comes to setting up new headsets on the PS4. It’s usually a case of connecting a dongle, audio cables or optical leads and then scouring the console setting to make sure everything is honky dory. Luckily that’s not the case with this set, simply pop in the USB dongle and Roberts your Fathers Brother! Everything syncs seamlessly with no faffing around required, which made me very, very happy.


This is a very comfortable headset, it’s very light and has some of the softest ear cups known to man, almost arousingly so! You’ll be glad to know the sweaty ear factor is kept to a minimum as the materials used seem to allow your ears to be well ventilated, without too much sound leakage. The ear cups covered my ears entirely, unlike other sets that balance awkwardly, this is great for cutting out any ambient noise.


Sound Quality

This headset sounds great, admittedly not as good as sets such as the Astro A50’s, but perfectly acceptable for the majority of gamers. I’m pretty sure it’s only dirty little audiophiles like myself that would notice the difference between the two sets. In-game music and voices sound very clear and the bass is punchy without being over the top like some of the cheaper alternatives. The virtual surround sound is pretty damn effective, if you can play The Last of Us wearing these without leaving a skid mark in your undercrakers, then you’re far more hardcore than me.

As with most PS4 headsets I’ve reviewed, the biggest downside is the chat sound quality. Due to the fact the microphone is built in to the ear cups, voice communication sounds very muffled and is the only real let down where this headset in concerned. The headset is rechargeable and you can expect to get 6-8 hours use when fully charged.


This is a brilliant headset that is perfectly priced. You get far better audio quality than the likes of the Gioteck Ex-06 wireless headset but without the crazy price tag of the Astro A50’s. They look good, sound good, feel nice to wear and won’t bankrupt if you decide to pick a set up. In my opinion, these are the perfect choice for the majority of PS4 owners.





4 thoughts on “Official Sony PS4 Wireless Headset 2.0 Review

  1. Good review. I think I may get a pair.


  2. Thanks for the great review. When I first saw them I wanted them, however I assumed it would boil down to style over substance once more. Great to hear they are a good product.

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  4. I bought a pair of these after wearing Turtle Beaches from PS3 days, when I got them I also found that the sync process was so simple and fast, and the added thing for me is the fold up when not in use allowing me to stick them in a drawer and keep my OCD cleaning mrs happy 🙂

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