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Frugal Gaming First Look: Warlocks


Warlocks is a harsh mistress; she will chew you up and spit you out the moment you start to think you have the slightest hold on the difficulty, in a world full of wizards, angels and demons. The numerous two-dimensional landscapes you will be tasked with fighting your way through are beautifully painted pixel art, all with their own unique style, while the gameplay is reminiscent of a classic game of Contra, huddled around a TV screen with some friends while you punish yourself over and over to get through the next section. Warlocks offers multiple different characters with numerous abilities, which allows you complete freedom of choice when determining your own personal play style. Visit the shop to buy armour or weapons, each with their own traits and buffs to aid you in your continued battle. Fight monsters and level up your character as you and your friends create utter, beautiful, chaos.

One More Level- Warlocks’ Polish developer, have brought together something that feels both nostalgic and strangely fresh at the same time. Bringing together a polished and well thought out combat system, that you have come to expect from your classic gaming experiences. The game melds that tightly with newer concepts of procedurally generated loot drops, enabling you to arm your character up with different weapons, armour and even magic items that will come together to bring a unique play through every time you start up the game.

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You will battle your way through multiple dimensions as you fight the shadow world. You could find yourself on Wall Street in the 1940s, a foggy swampland, or at the ruins of a broken down cathedral; each look unique and keep the game fresh and from feeling like a repetitive slog through similar places, something a lot of games of this genre can easily be accused.

You’ll have to master the horde of enemies to begin with and this, in a lot of ways, will mean slamming against them with numerous moves to try and figure out their pattern of attack; while the initial struggle seems fruitless it will pay dividends once the horde multiplies and they begin attacking in droves. The footwork you put in at the start in learning the difference between enemies, their strength and weakness’, will aid you throughout the game.

The horde will challenge you while the end of dimension bosses will decimate you should you not be ready for them. Their powerful attacks will put your reflexes to the test and challenge every muscle you have as you dodge and weave while trying to throw the odd, sporadic attack, that will eventually build up enough and take them down. These end of level bosses hold great reward for you in the form of different Warlocks with new abilities and completely different styles.


Playing with friends adds a new level of complexity to proceedings, as it’s not you simply leaping across the screen but a group of friends creating chaos everywhere you can imagine. The focus you’ll need to keep on your character as you hold your end up for the team will drain you but the addition of multiple characters means the team will be able to take that load. I only played Warlocks locally with a few friends around and that was an extremely fun experience and would recommend this as the perfect way to play. While playing alone can have its benefits – and I certainly found that knowing the enemies more in depth helped – creating chaos with friends was far more entertaining.

Warlocks is currently on Kickstarter and is well worth the backing. If you’re looking for something akin to Streets of Rage with some modern touches applied then you need look no further. Warlocks can be stressful and can also make you rage but I found all of this entertaining as it reminded me of those times I failed at completing Golden Axe due to some random enemy and would need to walk away and relax. The nostalgic throwback is a great feel but Warlocks excels with its great controls and beautiful aesthetics.

Developed by: One More LevelB

Kickstarter Pace Can Be Found HERE

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