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Early Access Preview – Albedo: Eyes From Outer Space


It’s Life Jim, But Not As We Know It

Science Fiction has been around for a long long time. Regardless of the form of media, it is the one genre that has truly transcended the reality that we live in. From the 19th Century written works of Jules Verne, to the billion dollar movie franchises like Avatar and Star Wars; Sci-Fi in all its many varied forms has never been more popular.  Albedo: Eyes From Outer Space is just ones man’s vision of the genre, it’s a vision that’s so unique that Sci-Fi fans of every creed and colour from, Trekkies to Browncoats and Whovians will all find something they love.

Fabrizio Zagaglia is the man quietly tinkering away on this Early Access title; apart from having a name that sounds like it’s been ripped right from the pages of a Dan Dare comic and an imagination that must be up there with Clarke, Lucas or Roddenberry, he’s clearly a very talented developer as my hands on time with Albedo:EFOS has shown.

The gameplay on offer combines two elements not usually found together in the same game. First person shooting and first person adventure gameplay, with some really interesting puzzles thrown in. I was extremely sceptical about how these systems would work together, but my apprehension was completely misplaced. Both of these styles work very well and in some cases much better than more traditional games that focus on just one of these elements. The standout mechanic without a doubt has to be the physics based puzzles that litter the games many rooms.

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On top of the great gameplay, Albedo also offers a level of polish and refinement that is becoming increasingly rare when it comes to independent games on Steam, and early access titles in particular. Graphically it really is verging on AAA domain, both technically and aesthetically. Albedo has a fantastic art style that’s clearly been influenced by 60’s Sci-Fi B-movie trash. It’s a joy to see it all in action, and I have to remind myself that it’s all down to one man working away in his self titled ‘Albedo Cave’. If you’re not already convinced then take a look at the trailer, it’s all in-game, in-engine as the PR folks would say.

hallmidAlbedo:EFOS has gone some way to restoring my faith in the whole Early Access program. It’s already very playable and polished even though the released date for the full game is still a good four months away. Despite having their hands full on development duties the team are really active on the steam forums; constantly answering questions or asking players for opinions, it’s great to see them being so active and their answers just go to show how much passion and belief they have for the game.

I’ve really enjoyed playing Albedo: Eyes From Outer Space, if you have even the vaguest hankering for anything Sci-Fi it’s well worth checking out.

Developed by Z4g0 and Ivan Venturi Productions

Published by Merge Games

Albedo: Eyes From Outer Space is available now in Early Access for £10.99, You can find the game on Steam and it’s also available on Green Man Gaming

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