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Venom PS4 Controller Kit Review

When I first heard about the Venom Controller kits I thought they were a solution to a problem that doesn’t exist. I’d never really had a problem with the comfort of my PS4 controller, so couldn’t really see the point of them. But being the eternal optimist that I am I thought I’d give them a bash.

venom grip 2

The kit consist of two adhesive comfort grips, four thumb grips and various decals to pimp out the controller, all of which sport the Venom logo. I started by fitting the comfort grips, a task that almost led me to stamp on my controller. I’ve never been very good at applying stickers and the instructions on how to fit them aren’t exactly idiot proof. After 10 minutes of scratching my head, my 10 year old daughter decided to take over and she fitted them in a matter of seconds, so I think the problem is more to do with my tiny chimp brain than the instructions. The thumb grips snap on easily and the decals are also a nice touch, especially the one that fits on the light bar.

venom grip 1

I was surprised on how different the controller felt when the kit was fitted, it does actually improve the comfort and this becomes even more noticeable on longer gaming sessions. Many gamers have been cursed with sweaty palms (Latin: Sweaticus Clawicus) and I think these will go a long way in helping the problem as the grips provide and much softer finish to the controller.

The thing I was most impressed with was the thumb grips. I had tried a few of these in the past from other companies, but never really got on with them. The Venom thumb grips are fitted in seconds and help with more precise movement of the thumb sticks, especially on games like Call of Duty. I’m pretty shit at COD and these have helped a little. Not enough to beat the little turds that spend every waking hour on this game, but every little helps!

venom grip 3

The only negative thing I have to say about the kit is the way that the adhesive grips fit on the controller. As you can see by the above images, the grips do not join up and this leaves a lot of exposed edges, which slightly spoils the overall comfort of the kit.

Overall I would definitely recommend the Venom Controller Kits and would be happy to drop a tenner on more for my other controllers. These can be picked up from various retailers from around £10. They are currently in stock here for £11.99 delivered

These kits are also available for the Xbox One controller


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