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Game Digital – State of Play


We recently had to chance to be featured on the Game website, taking about video games past, present and future. You can check out the feature below and find out what other Video Game Bloggers are most looking forward to in 2015.

Aaron Cooper, GAME Community Team

“At GAME, we all love a little holiday nostalgia, so we decided to catch up with some of our favourite gaming blogger and website personalities to dig into their gaming past and explore where they think our industry is heading! Lets’a be honest, it’s no surprise that the Yoshi riding, tanooki gliding, pipe plunging plumber Mario came out on top of the flagpole as most popular first game and inspires discussion of gamers most memorable retro and pre-owned classics, some noting previous iterations of next gen smashes, such as Grand Theft Auto V and Super Smash Bros.

Whilst it’s fun and comforting to look back at our most memorable games, it’s all eyes front and centre, as a whole new fleet of highly anticipated new releases sit on the horizon of 2015, ready to welcome gamers into the New Year, hoping to captivate the fingers, hearts and minds of our gaming community. It’s been very exciting for us here at GAME to watch our community of bloggers and gaming enthusiasts thrive throughout 2014, with so much diversity, we feel each one represents a vast selection of our own customers due to the unique stamp each outlet has, and as such, we hold their opinion very highly.

Video Gaming State of Play

Video Gaming State of Play [Infographic] by the team at GAME

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