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NoScope Hydra Gaming Glasses Review


As gamers, we have a pretty bad reputation for sitting in front of the goggle-box for lengthy periods of time, immersed in our make-believe worlds, rescuing princesses and tea-bagging noobs. There are several things that can ruin this wonderful experience, including eyestrain, dry eyes and headaches. I personally suffer from these issues and would welcome something to alleviate the problem.

Maybe NoScope can save the day.

NoScope have brought to market a range of gaming glasses designed to improve your clarity of vision and reduce eyestrain and fatigue. They are also focused on value for money and the prices of these products are pretty appealing.

There a currently 3 models available in the NoScope range, all of which are non-prescription. I was sent the Hydra and Orion models and chose to review the Hyrda model as they were the best fitting pair for my giant melon. Prices start from $19.99 per pair or you can pick up the Hat-trick Bundle that includes all 3 models for just $59.99. All designs include a leather carrying pouch and a microfiber cleaning cloth at no extra cost.


First impressions

I chose the Hydra glasses as they were the perfect fit for me and I really liked the style. The traditional Aviator style of the Orion makes them “Bang on Trend” especially if you want to look like a 70’s porn star. Both pairs look very nice, but the Hydra are far more sturdy and feel much better than the Orion in terms of build quality.

On close inspection, the Hydra did have several imperfections in the lenses and a few of them fell within my direct field of vision. These were noticeable whilst wearing them and caused me some annoyance. These weren’t scratches, they were flaws within the lens that really should have been noticed during the quality control process.

Getting my game on

I used the Hydra Gaming Glasses for about 25 hours in total and the longest single session was 4 hours. They felt extremely comfortable and fitted perfectly thanks to the design of the sprung mounted sides. What was uncomfortable was the way they made the TV screen appear. Due to the colour of the tinted lenses the screen appeared to have a yellow tinge that was really annoying. We spend lot’s of money on TV’s that try to produce a crystal clear, true to life display, so having that spoiled by a yellow tint was very disappointing.

The problems didn’t stop there. I encountered a lot of reflections on the back of the lenses and this really affected my concentration. One of the big problems with this model is that the nose-pad arms have a bulky design made of polished metal which caused light to be reflected back on to the lens. In some lighting conditions this was so prevalent it was near impossible to focus on the screen without getting distracted.


I had to resort to closing all the curtains and gaming in total darkness in order to eliminate this problem and even that didn’t work 100%. However I persevered and hoped that the issues with the lens colour and reflections would become less noticeable after time, but unfortunately this wasn’t the case.

Personally whilst wearing these I found no increase in clarity and no reduction in eyestrain or fatigue. The annoyance they caused me far outweighed the benefits and I personally wouldn’t wear them again. They look great and are very comfortable in terms of the way they fit, but visually I gained nothing from wearing them.

I’m not saying these don’t work for everyone, they just didn’t work for me. NoScope has a great reputation and there are loads of positive reviews out there from people that loved them, but sadly this won’t be one of them.

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