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Game Guru: The Easy Game Maker – Early Access


Now I’m sure at some point every gamer in the world has thought to themselves,’ I could make an awesome game’, I know I have. Unfortunately I have zero ability, knowledge or experience in video game creation…
So my intrigue was peaked when I heard about Game Guru: The Easy Game Maker, a game development program on Early Access from UK Indie development studio TheGameCreators that boasts:

“Game Guru allows you to fulfil your dreams in a non-technical, fun and extremely easy to share way. Create games that you can literally play with others in minutes.”
Could this be true? Could I make a game… with no experience or knowledge? I had to find out.

Upon launching Game Guru, you are met with a splash screen with some hints and tips including
“Watch the Video Tutorials.”
“Play the demo games.”
“If you have questions or need help please contact the development team in the Game Guru Community Hub.”

So I watched the tutorial videos and by the end of the 10 videos, I had a very basic idea of how to use Game Guru. A browse over the community hub filled in a few blank spaces as well.

Now, I’ve had experience with level editors, mainly Far Cry Instincts and the Halo series Forge mode on the 360, which to me was helpful in creating levels in Game Guru. There are tools for lowering, raising, levelling, blending and painting the terrain.
Placing items, weapons, NPC characters and pre-made buildings is as easy as adding from the entities menu, within minutes you should have a reasonably cool looking map.. Skill level/imagination dependant.

1843 reviewBefore you create your game you’re going to want to plan it out.

In my case I wanted to create a quick simple game where you start in a village, wander through a forest, fight off some attackers, head up to a church on a hill fighting another small battle and entering the church to fight a boss and recover a relic.. Game over

After 6 failed attempts, highlights/lowlights include adding so much foliage my PC ground to a halt, completely messing up the waypoints for a few characters and creating a puddle so deep I drowned the moment I stepped into it.

I realised this was probably beyond my capabilities, so decided on something a little bit simpler.

In the end, I created a simple medieval first person shooter, consisting of 2 assassins and 1 strong boss character..
Starting at a small fishing village ( 1 house next to a small river), you creep forwards through a forested area, picking up a sword and a bow with a few arrows. Just up the path from the village you meet 2 Assassins! After dispatching them and admiring Game Guru’s physics engine as they fall like ragdolls, you proceed up a hill with an imposing looking church overlooking the area. Upon entering the church, you are set upon by the Barbarian Chief- a mountain of a man wielding two claymore swords. One valiant fight and several arrows to the head later he is down. Now to grab the legendary Maguffin “The Helm of Awesome”…. fade to black.

Yes, it was simple and had less than 5 minutes actual playtime but I, with no experience, had managed to create a game. (The pic below is from that).

unnamedSharing your games is easy, simply select Save Standalone and Game Guru saves a standalone version of your creation in a folder that can be zipped up and shared among your friends.

Game Guru comes preloaded with 10 demos to show off what can be done if you actually put some time and effort into making a game, these range from multiplayer death match games, a cartoonish coin gathering while avoiding manic looking Bugs Bunny clones armed with ray guns type game, and a few modern and fantasy style games.

There is also a very nice list of buildings and assorted items bundled into the entity list, if you wanted more you can browse the Game Guru store for extra items, some are free and some are available to purchase. Of course, if you were familiar with 3D rendering and object creation you can attempt to sell your creations in the store for others to download and feature in their games.

The forums are a fantastic place to gather tips and find out more about scripting, and seeing what other creators have come up with. I found a great script for automatic door opening earlier.

2001Planned updates for Game Guru include:

* Character creator – personalise your game characters using this simple creation tool
* Construction Kit – the ability to easily create building structures for your games
* Improved AI & gaming techniques
* Enhanced explosions and particle effects including fire/smoke
* Underwater swimming and effects
* Laser weapons for Sci-Fi games, Spells for Fantasy games
* HUD systems; compass tool, map, inventory
* Melee attack & other combat & interaction game choices
* Extra characters and game assets

If you have an interest in game design, or like me thought about making your own game at some point but got scared off by how difficult it might be, Game Guru may just be what you’re looking for.

Currently priced at £14.99 on Steam Early Access, yes there are other free game creation programs out there, but I personally found Game Guru easy to use, I really like the simple and easy approach to creating a game. As a complete beginner to game creation I found using this much easier to use compared to Unity and Gamemaker, but like I said that may be just me.

Hopefully, TheGameCreators will put up some tutorial videos on scripting, the little bits I have picked up so far came from the community hub and the steam forums.
I’m really interested in seeing how this progresses, and will revisit Game Guru when the next update hits.

Game Guru is available via Steam HERE

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