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Titan Souls Review

Titan_Souls_-_Key_Art review

Titan Souls.  Similar in name to Dark Souls. Instantly the name tells you what you are in for: Pain, death, suffering, irritation, anger, and if you stick with it long enough…. joy.
Titan Souls started life as a short 4 boss game created for the Ludum Dare 28 Game Jam back in December 2013, the idea being to create a video game over 2 days with a set theme.

Titan Souls was created by AcidNerve and is published by Devolver Digital, who also published Hotline Miami 1 & 2, Broforce, Gods Will Be Watching and many other quirky indie titles.

The story is suitably vague; you are a young boy, armed with a bow and have set off to kill Titans and take their souls, for what reason? This is unknown at the start of the game.

Controls are simple, there is a big splash screen at the start of the game saying that a control pad is highly recommended, and I agree, I used my trusty Xbox 360 wired pad, your controls are simplified to move, roll/run and attack.

Titan_Souls_-_Screen_1 (1)Attacking is interesting, while you are armed with a bow, you only have 1 single arrow and once it has been shot you must recover it to attack again, but have no fear about losing the arrow off the side of the map, once the arrow has been shot you can magically summon it back to you by holding the attack button again. Of course, this opens yourself up to an enemy attack as you cannot move while summoning your arrow.

This brings us on to the enemies, the world is only populated by the Titans; massive beasts that have a single weak point (similar to Shadow of the Colossus), 1 arrow to the weak point will kill the Titans instantly, but those weak points are well defended. You will have to learn the attack patterns of these massive beasts to be successful.

titan_souls_-_screen_1Titan Souls has a beautiful 8-bit Pixel art style and is viewed from a top down perspective, like Zelda on the NES. The background music is nice and atmospheric as well.

If the tagline for the Dark Souls is “Prepare To Die” The tagline for Titan Souls should be “Oh god the pain, goddammit, what the hell do I do!”

I make no apologies, Titan Souls absolutely kicked my backside in my play through, and yes there were times when I thought about giving up. But I persevered and thoroughly enjoyed my time in this strange unforgiving world. The Titan fights whilst imposing the first time you face them, bring a very intense feeling of satisfaction when you work out what you are supposed to do and finally shove your arrow right where it needs to go.

Titan_Souls_-_Screen_2Casual players may find Titan Souls hard and unforgiving, maybe too hard. But if you are a fan of the “punishment/pay off” genre (Demon Souls, Dark Souls etc), you may have more than a little fun here.

The difficulty, and running back to the Titan after a death… when you die you respawn back at a campfire, and at times the run back to the Titan you were fighting can feel tedious, are the only negatives I have found with Titan Souls.


Challenging difficulty level.
Beautiful 8 bit art style
Atmospheric soundtrack
Controls are easy to learn


Challenging difficulty level
Highly likely you will shout at your PC
Some may find running back from the respawn to the Titan fights tedious

Score: 7/10

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