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Looking for a custom controller?


I often get asked where is the best place to buy customised controllers, a question I am usually hesitant to answer. Over the years I have seen many websites that offer bespoke controller designs, but I’ve never felt confident in referring people as the quality of the products often seemed questionable.

I recently stumbled across a company called Custom Controllers UK and after doing some research they seem to have a great reputation for both their products and services. They have some great designs for both Xbox and Playstation controllers and even offer a service where you can send your own controller in for a makeover.

They also have some controllers designed for professional gamers, which look pretty badass!

The controllers aren’t exactly cheap, but with this kind of product you get what you pay for. The controllers come with a 14 Day Money-Back Guarantee, 3 Month Parts Warranty and a 1 Year Manufacturers Guarantee.

Click here to check out the Custom Controllers UK website

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