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Coast Guard PC

Coast Guard BannerEver wanted to role-play and extremely butch Coast Guard? Bust drugs cartels on the hight seas? Rescue both damsels and man damsels in distress?

Coast Guard could be the game that soothes your (possibly perverted) itch.

The game is developed by Reality Twist GmbH, some of you may have played another similar (I will assume for arguments sake that two games do not constitute a series… yet) game from them-  Ship Simulator: Maritime Search and Rescue.


An open world adventure on the sea. A variety of ships to play about with, not only that, the ability to walk around the ships, explore the mysterious Ghost Ship. a real adventure on the sea.

it’s incredibly cheesy, has some of the funniest voiceovers I’ve ever heard… think German porn.



It’s available now via Steam for £14.99… Here

If you’re ever in search of Seaman, this is your game.

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