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POLL CLOSED : Frugal Gaming Retailer of the Year Award 2015 – Vote Today!


Now that we are nearing the end of 2015, we are looking for your feedback on which on-line video game retailer you think deserves the title “Retailer of the year 2015″. We are looking for the retailer that you think offers the best all round service and value, the one place you prefer to go to to spend your hard earned cash.

Also please feel free to comment at the bottom of the page on your experiences with retailers this year, whether good or bad. It’s important for us to understand your perception of these companies so that we can continue to bring you the best deals.

9 thoughts on “POLL CLOSED : Frugal Gaming Retailer of the Year Award 2015 – Vote Today!

  1. Tough call between a few places, but for being the go to shop for any xbl or psn memberships or credit I have to vote for CD Keys.

    Amazon as always are forever reliable. Simplygames, base and thegamecollection are new sites (to me) that had great offers I took advantage of. GAME deserve a mention for some trully appalling cock ups this year (pip boy anyone?).

  2. Where I live I HAVE to buy online as I only have one Independent retailer in my hometown & its a 110 mile round trip to my “Local” GAME store so I always used to buy from Amazon but recently have started using as they seem to have lower prices than Amazon even after Price Match so I’m voting for them. Keep up the good work guys & girls.

  3. Great service, price and delivery, also hold a great selection of games for all age groups will use them in the future.

  4. The Game Collection have some absolutely brilliant deals and are one of the cheapest I’ve found online. Quick delivery times are the icing on the cake for me.

  5. The game collection gave the best price on two purchases this year. Fallout 4 was best price on offer anywhere on the Internet or in store. Game arrived 2 days after ordering. Brilliant service, thank you!

  6. Have to say, a lot of great retailers on there and I could’ve easily picked several bit for me, for being absolutely flawless and the cheapest, it has to be CD Keys.

  7. I found this online shop great was cheap for what is was and it was very quick on delivery would deffo recommend them to others

  8. This poll looks fixed, I don’t believe Simply Games would be doing that badly and why is it when someone passes the Game Collection, the Game Collection are suddenly back on the top a mile away from the last company that passed them?
    Do a little Googling and you’ll find that Frugal appears to get free games from them, suspicious coincidence? Err… Yeah right! I voted Smyths as they’ve had a lot of good prices this year. As for the person above who thought they got a good deal on Fallout 4, you’ve been robbed as ShopTo had it cheaper!

    Will Francis S

    1. If you search a little harder, you’ll seen we have run give-aways for many of the retailers listed above, some of which have hardly any votes.

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