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A Student Guide To Saving Money

More Student 700

Oh for the life a student these days…

Things have changed in many ways. Student life – once the bastion of regurgitated kebabs, STD’s, grunge music and chemically enhanced progressive thinking.

These days? The home of gender politics, trigger-words, organised outrage and …. It’s all a bit serious. You need fun guys, right? But gaming is expensive! Student life is more expensive than it has ever been, due to you having to pay for your own fees now.

Fear not. Here at FGUK, we’ve knocked up this little guide that will think will come in handy and save you a few bob. We need to do this, we all need more kebab-vomit aroma back in our lives, right?

Firstly, let’s state the blooming obvious. That’s us! Frugal Gaming. Bookmark our page, always have a search if there’s anything you’re after. Deals tend to go fast, so if the price has gone up or you can’t find what you’re after, just ask us. The fastest way to do that is to tweet @FrugalGaming

We’re unlikely to be able to get you the latest CoD for a tenner before release, but we will have a look for you and find the best price available at that time. Failing that, we will RT for you and maybe one of our followers can help.

Ask the site owner @FrugalDaz or myself @UglyGeezer

You can always Tweet any of the above feeds and we will do our utmost to help.


Now, I’m going to state the obvious. NUS card. If you haven’t got one, get that sorted. Not just for games, but a host of online and retail shops offer NUS Discounts. The official list can be found here

Full List of NUS Discounts Stores Here

Just a few examples of music/games/tech student discounts I’ve found…. have a 5% offer for Students

Maplin Electronic’s offer a 5% Student Discount

Discounts on Amazon Prime membership and 5% of normal Offers.

Spotify: 50% off premium with NUS Extra.

Zavvi  offers 10% discount.

02 Phones, ask in-store for student discounts on Pay as you Go and contract. Vodaphone also offers student discounts when upgrading, or on a new contract. again, never be afraid to ask.

Odeon Cinemas- They’re said to offer decent discounts and other chains also offer student discounts. Cineworld certainly do, don’t be afraid to ring and ask your local.

Microsoft! Don’t forget, student packages available for many software packages.

Adobe also offers very good student discounts on software packages.

Amazon offers discounts not just on games and tech for students, but clothes as well.

What do you need to prove you’re a student?

The NUS Extra card will sort it all out. See the link at the top of this section. If you’re in ‘vocational’ education, it’s usually simple and cheap to join. Even some small part time courses in colleges will allow you to join.


Be mindful and Wait!

We all have that urge to want the next big game on release date, but there really is no need. Trust us on this, we watch prices fluctuate on a daily basis. Single player games drop in price very fast indeed. a month down the line, it’s not unusual to see big AAA budget titles get £20 off the release price.

“Stay a Generation Behind”

That was the advice we received from some students whilst conducting research for this. These days, even a year on hold and you can pick up some brilliant games for next to nothing. Take pride and joy in being Frugal and just hold on for a bit. You’re being the wise one and your wallet will be grateful.


PS Plus and Games for Gold

You may think they’re expensive off the bat, but we always list the best deals for memberships. again, these change price thick and fast, but we will always keep up to date, specially on XBL, you can get some really good deals.

Don’t play online? Don’t write these memberships off.

Playstation Plus offers ‘free’ games every month on all platforms for one membership. That’s games on the PS4, PS3 and the PS Vita. The downside of PS Plus is you only keep the games for as long as you have the membership.

Games for Gold, on the other hand offers monthly free games on both Xbox One and the Xbox 360. Where this differs from PS+is that you get to keep the game after you’ve downloaded, no matter what your membership status happens to be.

Our Latest PS Plus Deals Can Be Found Here

Our Latest Xbox Live Deals Can Be Found Here


Local Co-Op

It’s common knowledge that students only leave their smelly caves for lectures and protests. Make the most of the shared accommodation and play with those people you love with.

Years of cheap fun can be had with local co-op! Hoovering needs doing? A quick battle of Goldeneye to decide who has to do it can sort that out. Years of fun to be had with the likes of Mario Kart and many other local co-op games and they’re social!

Don’t dismiss the potential fun of drinking games with a large shot of local co-op as well. Shit-faced on Lambrini and retro split screen is one hell of a cocktail.


Steam Sales and Free 2 Play and humble

Look out for Steam sales. Not just the two major winter and Summer sales, but the daily specials and now increasingly- the myriad of smaller sales that Steam seems to be having.

Don’t dismiss the free to play games.

There are some gems out there and often more than just time-fillers. PC Gamer has a weekly round-up of the best and can be played on any machines. PC Gamer has a great weekly list of the best free to play games Here

As Does the Wonderful Rock Papers Shotgun Here

The Humble Store

Weekly, daily deals. Deals with profits going to charity, mobile phone gaming bundles. They really are worth keeping your eye on. Keep an eye on Here.

And of course, never forget The Humble Bundle

Student 700


Don’t write off using Snipe Software for e-bay. A lot of you will know of it, many won’t.

Snipe software allows you do download your watchlist from e-bay. You set a maximum price that you’re willing to go for and the app does the rest. 5 seconds before the auction is due to end, it will put in a bid for you. Not at the maximum bid you set, but at the lowest it takes to win. That way, you don’t get caught up in a bidding frenzy yourself.

I personally Use This for Android or for iPhone (I cannot vouch for the iPhone version. Many others are available, including web-based ones.. Have a shop around and as with anything, check reviews.

0006 700

One final worthy mention. The Invisible Hand app.

Chrome Version Here

When you’re browsing for any sort of shopping, this clever little app compares prices of products that you’re looking at, if it sees cheaper, it lets you know.

It’s not failproof, it only checks the major sites and e-bay, but it is rather nifty and has saved me a lot of money over the years.


We will be adding to this, so if you can think of anything we’ve missed, do let us know!

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