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Venom Officially licensed Wired PS3 Controller Review


I’ve still got my 2 original wireless pads for the Playstation 3, possibly through more luck than anything they still work to an acceptable standard even though my raging years of Fifa & Call of Duty have left them war scarred. Although they are pretty much used as a wired setup now, due to the battery life and secondly due to being one of the only devices that uses the outdated Mini USB and I’d likely lose the cable if I split them apart. In contrast in 3 years of owning a PS4, 3 pads have already bitten the dust in one way or another and the rest the thumb sticks look like they have been chewed on by a rat.

I’ve been given the opportunity to test out a new wired Officially licensed Ps3 pad from Venom, they’ve had my custom previously with a vibration headset that I’ve had a few years now which has served me well. First point to note is the controller is endowed with 3 metres of cable, so gone are the sessions of sitting uncomfortably close to HD visuals, I can sit back on the sofa as relaxed as I can be and not have to worry about any health and safety trip hazards or developing wall eyed vision.

The size shape and weight of the controller is beefed up from the official PS3 pad, If anything it looks very much in the style of an Xbox One controller which if you are a fan of this will gain your appreciation, the thumb sticks are slightly larger than on the Bone and the D pad is placed the same but has 4 separate buttons as opposed to the single cross.


The weight of the pad makes it comfortable and all the buttons are responsive and easily reached even with my child sized hands, there is a subtle contour line that fits the palm nicely and allows you to maintain a solid grip which is welcome on those heavy gaming sessions.

The pad has the vibration which is noticeable but no too overbearing and on the bottom of the controller there is a sensitivity button which can be increased or decreased on the fly, which I thought was an unusual yet original feature, but not something I would get much use out of.

Testing the controller through my favourite games including Battlefield 4, Need For Speed and Payday 2 the controller felt receptive and accurate, unfortunately it didn’t help me fair any better than usual so it’s unlikely to see me falsify my way onto the Pro Gaming scene any time soon.


It’s obviously too early to tell if it has the lifespan of my ageing PS3 pads, the unit feels robust so barring any freak accidents I’m confident I’ll be using it for the remainder of my PS3’s lifetime as my main controller. This Venom controller will set you back £14.99 which I feel is reasonable for a licensed product and personally I would avoid trying to save a small amount of coins by buying some other unheard of brand that’s unlikely to last a round of Conquest.

All in all if you are after a second pad, maybe convinced your partner to get involved in some Co-Op gaming or be fortunate enough to be introducing a youngster into your favourite pastime then I can completely recommend this Venom pad, ultimately so that you can use it and hand down your old pad with all it’s gaming history as part of their inheritance.


4 thoughts on “Venom Officially licensed Wired PS3 Controller Review

  1. How about the key most important feature? The dpad! You mention it is now four buttons rather than a cross… which makes me shudder.. but how does it FEEL? How is it when playing SF/MK? How about 2D platformers?


  2. I’ve used one now for about 6 months, it feels the same as when I first got it. It is nice to hold, all of the buttons feel good and the sensitivity function works really well. I bought it to replace my knackered original controller and due to the lottery of fake original controller’s it and at 14.99 it was a no brainer.

    1. Can you use the controller to navigate the safe mode menu?

  3. Since my Dualshock 3 controllers have worn out, I would really like to know if you can use the controller to navigate the safe mode menu or would a dualshock 3 be required?

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