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Massive Backward Compatibility Sale On XBL

If you’re a fan of playing older games, then there’s good news as Microsoft has just launched a massive “Backward Compatibility” sale on Xbox Live. You can find over 200 Xbox 360 games reduced with savings of up to 75%, all of which can be played on the Xbox One console.

For me the Xbox 360 era was my favourite time as a gamer, so getting to play some of my favourite titles again makes me a very happy chappy. If you feel the same, it’s well worth flicking through the deals as you may be able to pick up a much loved classic at a great price.

But the savings don’t stop there as you can save even more money by picking up discounted Xbox Live credit here

You can find all the deals on Xbox Live here

Our Top Picks From The Sale

Red Dead Redemption Just £8.24

Crysis 3 Just £4.94

Skate 3 Just £3.74

Condemned £7.49