This Weeks Xbox Live Deals With Gold 10th April 2018


Here is the list of reduced titles available in the weeks Xbox Live Deals With Gold, available to Gold Members only. Don’t forget you can save lots of money on Xbox Live Gold Membership and Microsoft credit here

Get £25 Xbox credit for just £22.70 here

Get £40 Xbox credit for just £35.14 here

Xbox One Deals With Gold 

Aven Colony (50% off)
Burnout Paradise Remastered (25% off)
Dirt 4 (70% off)
Dirt Rally (80% off)
F1 2017 (70% off)
Kill The Bad Guy (45% off)
Kingdom Come: Deliverance (17% off)
Neurovoider (50% off)
Outcast: Second Contact (50% off)
Overcooked: Gourmet Edition (67% off)
Pankapu (35% off)
Rugby 18 (60% off)
Sherlock Holmes: The Devil’s Daughter (75% off)
Splasher (35% off)
The Escapists: Supermax Edition (75% off)
WRC 6 FIA World Rally Championship (80% off)
WRC 7 FIA World Rally Championship (60% off)
WRC Collection FIA World Rally Championship (60% off)
X-Morph: Defense (33% off)


Upgrading your PS4 HDD


Upgrading the PS4 hard drive.

The PS4 was released in the UK in late 2013, with the only available storage being 500gb, which appeared to be substantial at the time. Two years of PS+ games and triple ‘A’ titles receiving more updates than the Geospatial summary of the High peaks/Summits of the Juneau Icefield Wiki page**.

**7290 changes made in 2015.


If you’re anything like me any new install is akin to a 1 in 1 out policy at midnight at your favourite nightclub.

Battlefield. I love it dearly, (Sunday 9pm games night fans) but at 70gb it’s my worst offender, and with digital becoming the norm for purchases it was just before Christmas my patience was finally tested to breaking, with installs still taking their sweet time important decisions were having to be made as to what made the cut of my precious HD space.

One of the real beefs with extra storage and this Sony system is that it’s not just a case of plug in an external hard drive and away you go, it takes a full on drive swap which with me being me, led to cold sweats and ‘Nam’ style flashbacks.

My tech experience I would say is low to medium, I’m probably the most dangerous type of hardware guy as in I think I know what I’m doing, but I usually end up winging it.

Here’s an example of my type of build…



Alongside this Reddit sourced example I can also lay claim to my PC graphics card being supported by two cardboard toilet rolls and the finest DDR2 RAM China has to offer, and now I’ve successfully upgraded my storage without major issues or small uncontrolled fires, and I’ve survived to tell you how…

A couple of points I will mention, is make sure you get the right size, the PS4 uses a 2.5 inch SATA drive and it needs to be under 9.5mm thick because of the casing for the drive which neatly keeps your drive in place. Here’s the stock PS4 drive for example and also an example of one that won’t fit…


IMG_1007 BADIMG_1017

The second point is the speed,  most models available which includes the stock drive run at 5400rpm, if the coins allow I’d recommend upgrading that whilst you are here for a 7200rpm drive, as my Ford Galaxy can attest, 7200prm is really fast, better still, if you’re mind go the whole hog and get a SSD drive installed, if speed is your thing.

So first off your shopping list, what you’ll need to get the job done.

PS4 (don’t forget this) (and if you don’t know what this looks like leave the room immediately..)

Phillips screwdriver


2.5-inch shiny new SATA HDD


USB memory stick (for old saves & PS4 Firmware)


PC with internet



PS4 controller with microUSB cable


Cup of tea / coffee



Step 1:  buy the hard drive and locate & dust off the memory stick.

Step 2: Back up the saves. You can’t back up any saved games but you can any profiles that you want to keep, you have to do these individually per game which is a bit of a pain but may be worth it just for the spring clean.., first plug in your memory stick and in the PS4 menu go to settings > application saved data management > saved data in system storage. Here you can copy your saves across.

Step 3: Download the firmware. After you’ve got all your saved games across it’s time to copy across the firmware onto your PC and ultimately onto your memory stick. You’ll find the firmware here but don’t make the same mistake as me and just download the update file, you need the one under the section Perform a New Installation of the System Software the file is about 800 or so MB as opposed to the 350 MB which won’t work later on in the process as I found out to my own confusion. This link also tells you the folder set up you need so that the PS4 can find it later on.

Step 4: Locating the hard drive. Unplug the PS4 would probably be a wise move here, and sit your system on table preferably, grabbing the shiny top side of your PS4 it should slide to the left and off the console, it’s not held on with screws so it should be simple.

Step 5: removing the hard drive. Only one screw to remove here, and Sony have made it relevant by detailing the PlayStation button icons on it, with your screwdriver, it’s time for that all important manual labour. Once it’s unscrewed you can just pull out the drive caddy horizontally. Once this is out there are 4 screws either side of the caddy holding the drive in place, unscrew these and keep them handy and insight.


Step 6: Installing the shiny new drive. Now it’s just a case of unboxing your upgrade, sitting it into the caddy and screwing the 4 screws back into place, and then sliding the hard drive back into position and screwing the Playstation screw back into place. Finally sliding the shiny PS4 cover back into place, by this time your kettle should have boiled so take 5 for your Tetley’s / Nescafe.

Step 7: Installing the Sony operating system. Plug your PS4 back in with all cables and also plug in a controller and your memory stick, you need to put the PS4 into safe mode so hold the power button to switch it on and keep holding the power button for about 7 – 10 seconds until you hear the second beep, from here your system should enter safe mode. When you get the selection of options you want number 7, Initialise PS4 (Reinstall System Software), The PS4 should then grab the software from the memory stick and do its thing.


Once that’s completed it’s like having a brand new PS4, you’ll need to set up your accounts and also install all of your games along with any of the saves you kept on your memory stick, also when reinstalling your game saves you won’t be able to install any for games you’ve not yet downloaded, hopefully if you’re mostly digital like me you don’t have a capped internet provider!


And there you go, 7 easy steps to take to a better life, and less digital storage related stress!, finally, now you’ve updated your drive you can use the old one as a drinks mat, result!


Disclaimer: Frugal Gaming can not be held responsible for any drunken or non-drunken breakages, that may occur from following this guide.


A Student Guide To Saving Money

More Student 700

Oh for the life a student these days…

Things have changed in many ways. Student life – once the bastion of regurgitated kebabs, STD’s, grunge music and chemically enhanced progressive thinking.

These days? The home of gender politics, trigger-words, organised outrage and …. It’s all a bit serious. You need fun guys, right? But gaming is expensive! Student life is more expensive than it has ever been, due to you having to pay for your own fees now.

Fear not. Here at FGUK, we’ve knocked up this little guide that will think will come in handy and save you a few bob. We need to do this, we all need more kebab-vomit aroma back in our lives, right?

Firstly, let’s state the blooming obvious. That’s us! Frugal Gaming. Bookmark our page, always have a search if there’s anything you’re after. Deals tend to go fast, so if the price has gone up or you can’t find what you’re after, just ask us. The fastest way to do that is to tweet @FrugalGaming

We’re unlikely to be able to get you the latest CoD for a tenner before release, but we will have a look for you and find the best price available at that time. Failing that, we will RT for you and maybe one of our followers can help.

Ask the site owner @FrugalDaz or myself @UglyGeezer

You can always Tweet any of the above feeds and we will do our utmost to help.


Now, I’m going to state the obvious. NUS card. If you haven’t got one, get that sorted. Not just for games, but a host of online and retail shops offer NUS Discounts. The official list can be found here

Full List of NUS Discounts Stores Here

Just a few examples of music/games/tech student discounts I’ve found…. have a 5% offer for Students

Maplin Electronic’s offer a 5% Student Discount

Discounts on Amazon Prime membership and 5% of normal Offers.

Spotify: 50% off premium with NUS Extra.

Zavvi  offers 10% discount.

02 Phones, ask in-store for student discounts on Pay as you Go and contract. Vodaphone also offers student discounts when upgrading, or on a new contract. again, never be afraid to ask.

Odeon Cinemas- They’re said to offer decent discounts and other chains also offer student discounts. Cineworld certainly do, don’t be afraid to ring and ask your local.

Microsoft! Don’t forget, student packages available for many software packages.

Adobe also offers very good student discounts on software packages.

Amazon offers discounts not just on games and tech for students, but clothes as well.

What do you need to prove you’re a student?

The NUS Extra card will sort it all out. See the link at the top of this section. If you’re in ‘vocational’ education, it’s usually simple and cheap to join. Even some small part time courses in colleges will allow you to join.


Be mindful and Wait!

We all have that urge to want the next big game on release date, but there really is no need. Trust us on this, we watch prices fluctuate on a daily basis. Single player games drop in price very fast indeed. a month down the line, it’s not unusual to see big AAA budget titles get £20 off the release price.

“Stay a Generation Behind”

That was the advice we received from some students whilst conducting research for this. These days, even a year on hold and you can pick up some brilliant games for next to nothing. Take pride and joy in being Frugal and just hold on for a bit. You’re being the wise one and your wallet will be grateful.


PS Plus and Games for Gold

You may think they’re expensive off the bat, but we always list the best deals for memberships. again, these change price thick and fast, but we will always keep up to date, specially on XBL, you can get some really good deals.

Don’t play online? Don’t write these memberships off.

Playstation Plus offers ‘free’ games every month on all platforms for one membership. That’s games on the PS4, PS3 and the PS Vita. The downside of PS Plus is you only keep the games for as long as you have the membership.

Games for Gold, on the other hand offers monthly free games on both Xbox One and the Xbox 360. Where this differs from PS+is that you get to keep the game after you’ve downloaded, no matter what your membership status happens to be.

Our Latest PS Plus Deals Can Be Found Here

Our Latest Xbox Live Deals Can Be Found Here


Local Co-Op

It’s common knowledge that students only leave their smelly caves for lectures and protests. Make the most of the shared accommodation and play with those people you love with.

Years of cheap fun can be had with local co-op! Hoovering needs doing? A quick battle of Goldeneye to decide who has to do it can sort that out. Years of fun to be had with the likes of Mario Kart and many other local co-op games and they’re social!

Don’t dismiss the potential fun of drinking games with a large shot of local co-op as well. Shit-faced on Lambrini and retro split screen is one hell of a cocktail.


Steam Sales and Free 2 Play and humble

Look out for Steam sales. Not just the two major winter and Summer sales, but the daily specials and now increasingly- the myriad of smaller sales that Steam seems to be having.

Don’t dismiss the free to play games.

There are some gems out there and often more than just time-fillers. PC Gamer has a weekly round-up of the best and can be played on any machines. PC Gamer has a great weekly list of the best free to play games Here

As Does the Wonderful Rock Papers Shotgun Here

The Humble Store

Weekly, daily deals. Deals with profits going to charity, mobile phone gaming bundles. They really are worth keeping your eye on. Keep an eye on Here.

And of course, never forget The Humble Bundle

Student 700


Don’t write off using Snipe Software for e-bay. A lot of you will know of it, many won’t.

Snipe software allows you do download your watchlist from e-bay. You set a maximum price that you’re willing to go for and the app does the rest. 5 seconds before the auction is due to end, it will put in a bid for you. Not at the maximum bid you set, but at the lowest it takes to win. That way, you don’t get caught up in a bidding frenzy yourself.

I personally Use This for Android or for iPhone (I cannot vouch for the iPhone version. Many others are available, including web-based ones.. Have a shop around and as with anything, check reviews.

0006 700

One final worthy mention. The Invisible Hand app.

Chrome Version Here

When you’re browsing for any sort of shopping, this clever little app compares prices of products that you’re looking at, if it sees cheaper, it lets you know.

It’s not failproof, it only checks the major sites and e-bay, but it is rather nifty and has saved me a lot of money over the years.


We will be adding to this, so if you can think of anything we’ve missed, do let us know!

Playstation Store Deals of the Week 17th February 2016


The Playstation Store will today be updated with a new batch of discounts. You can save even more money using the deals listed below

Get £35 PSN Credit for just £31.25 here

Get £25 PSN Credit for just £22.79 here

Get £20 PSN Credit for just £18.04 here

Get £10 PSN Credit for just £9.49 here

1 Year Playstation Plus Membership £34.10 here

Deal of the Week (until 24/02/16)

Call of Duty Zone (until 02/03/16)

Digital Discounts (until 02/03/16)

Source : Playstation Blog

The Frugal Gaming Gift Guide

Buying presents for gamers isn’t always easy. You’d initially think that buying a game would be the obvious choice, but sometimes it’s good to think outside the box and get something a little different. To help with this, we have knocked up a list of ten cool gaming related gift ideas that we think would win you some serious kudos from that gamer in your life.


POP! Vinyl Figures

These are a very good idea for those looking to spend around the £10 mark. There are a massive range of figures to choose from, Including Fallout, Bioshock and Call of Duty. Zavvi have a wide range to choose from here as do Amazon, which you can find here.


Atari Flashback 6 Games Console

This is a great idea for the older gamer and is sure to have memories of their childhood flooding back. For many people the Atari would have been their introduction to video games, it was for me and I have some amazing memories of playing my 2600 as a kid. The Atari Flashback 6 is a home gaming console with 100 Atari games built in, 2 original Atari style controllers and TV connectivity!

You can pick this up for under £50 here

Insert Coin 500x150

Gamer Clothing

I’m sure everyone rolls their eyes when they receive socks as a present, but what if those socks had Sonic the Hedgehog on them?? You’re not just limited to socks, there are a massive variety of options ranging from hoodies to dressing gowns. One of the coolest place to pick up gaming related clothing is Insert Coin who have some seriously cool designs. You can use our discount code FRUGALCOIN to get 15% off your order. Alternately 8 Ball T Shirts and Game also have a selection of gaming clothing.

Screen Shot 2015-10-21 at 07.33.16

Custom Controllers

Now for those that like to be Mr or Mrs Fancy Pants, these are a really cool option ranging from £69 – £89. Custom Controllers are a great choice for those gamers that like to be a little different and there are so many designs to choose from that I’m sure there is a controller for everyone. You can pick these up for Xbox One, PS4, PS3 and Xbox 360 and you can find the full range here


Sega Megadrive With 80 Games

Just like the Atari console mentioned above, this Mega Drive console will be sure to have gamers of a certain generation smiling from ear to ear. I also have very fond memories of this console, it helped me through those awkward teenage years and kept me out of trouble in the process. It has 80 built-in . Plug & play on any TV, compatible with SEGA Mega Drive cartridges and comes with two wireless controllers.

You can pick this up for under £40 here

Screen Shot 2015-10-21 at 07.58.13

Mystery Boxes

Mystery Boxes are now becoming very popular, with several Retailers now offering their individual take on the concept. Basically these boxes contain a selection of goodies aimed at “Geeks” ranging from T-Shirts to POP! Vinyl Figures, Comics and Socks! They usually retail for around £19 and are said to contain around £40 worth of goods. These can be picked up as a one off purchase in many cases or can be bought as a subscription ranging over 1,3,6 or 12 months.

You can get these from ZBOX, My Geek Box, Pop in a Box and Lootcrate. Check Youtube for a better idea of what these are all about and the type of goods that are included.


Credit and Subscriptions

So this is the gamer alternative of sending gift vouchers and the good thing is that you can get some pretty big savings, making it look like you’ve spent more than you actually have. These come in code form and are usually delivered instantly. You can get an extra 5% off the already discounted prices by liking the CD Keys Facekook Page. Use the links below to get the deals.

Xbox Live Gold Membership | Xbox Live Credit | Playstation Plus Membership | Playstation Credit | Steam Credit | Nintendo Credit

Fallout-MonopolyFallout Monopoly

This is a great choice for those Fallout Fans. The best thing about this gift is that you can include your friends and family, even if they’re not in to video games themselves…Everyone loves some Monopoly right??

You can pre-order this for £28 here


Video Games

OK, so if nothing we have listed has tickled your pickle, you can pick up video games nice and cheap using our deals. For the latest batch of discounts click here or alternatively use our search bar at the top of the site


My Brain Hurts

So I’ll be honest, I was trying to make this a top ten list but my stupid brain crapped out a 9. So I see this the other day and thought WT actual F! Nothing to do with gaming AT ALL but guaranteed to confuse the sh*t out of the recipient 🙂

Edible Chocolate Hammer £10.95

I hope this has proved useful, but if there is something in particular you are looking for, please let us know in the comment box below and we will find you the best prices

Daz x

New Release Price Watch


Finally there are some new games on the horizon and just like those annoying b**stard buses, you don’t see one for ages and then they all turn up at once!

And whilst you may be considering selling yourselves to pay for all this new game awesomeness, we have had a gander around the interwebs to find you the best prices. Just click the links below to be magically transported to the cheapest retailer we could find.

And remember, if you’re going to buy digital versions you can get cheap Xbox credit here and cheap Playstation credit here

Mad Max PS4 £33.75

Mad Max XB1 £33.75

Mad Max PC £12.79

Pre-Order Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Day One Edition PS4 £37.65

Pre-Order Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Day One Edition XB1 £37.65

Pre-Order Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom PC £26.59

Gears of War: Ultimate Edition Digital Download Xbox One £25.55

Gears of War: Ultimate Edition DELUXE Digital Download Xbox One £37.99

Gears of War: Ultimate Edition Xbox One (Disc) £24.42

Until Dawn PS4 £39.70



Never Pay Too Much For XBL or PSN Credit & Subscriptions


Video gaming is an expensive hobby, but it doesn’t have to be as costly as you think. We all love buying new games, but renewing Xbox Live Gold and Playstation Plus subscriptions is never something that makes us giddy with excitement. However, it can be slightly less annoying having to shell out for these memberships thanks to companies like, SimplyCDKeys and GameKeysNow.

Xbox and Playstation credit and subscriptions have been driven to an all time low as a result of more competition in this market. You can now pick up 12 Months Xbox Live Gold for only £23.74, saving a massive £16 off the RRP. All you need to do is “Like” the CDkeys Facebook page and you will be issued with a 5% discount code, enabling you to get this price.

Playstation owners can also make big savings, especially when buying credit for the Playstation Store. You can now get £35 PSN credit for only £30.86 which makes the recently reduced prices in the various PSN sales even more attractive. The majority of these retailers deliver the codes instantly, but in some cases it may take an hour or two. To make sure you are updated with all the latest price reductions for these products, we scour the internet several times each day, making sure you never have to spend more than you need to.

You can also get cheap Nintendo, Google, iTunes, Origin and Steam credit, the best way to find these price reductions is by checking out the links below. And don’t forget to check out all our digital game deals here for all the best prices on downloadable games.

Xbox credit and subscriptions | Playstation credit and subscriptions | Nintendo Credit | Steam Credit | Google Credit | Origin Credit | iTunes Credit | Cheap Digital Games


All prices are correct at time of publication

Frugal Gaming Retailer of the Year Award 2014 – Vote Today!


Now that 2014 is drawing to a close, we are looking for your feedback on which on-line video game retailer you think deserves the title “Retailer of the year 2014″. We are looking for the retailer that you think offers the best all round service and value, the one place you prefer to go to to spend your hard earned cash.

Also please feel free to comment at the bottom of the page on your experiences with retailers this year, whether good or bad. It’s important for us to understand your perception of these companies.

Call of Duty : Advanced Warfare Digital Money Saving Guide


With Call of Duty : Advanced Warfare out very soon, we thought we would make a guide on how to save money when buying the digital version of this game. There are several editions on various platforms, so we have included links to both the games and the discounted credit you can use to get the game at a reduced price.

Xbox One

Call of Duty®: Advanced Warfare Digital Pro Edition £89.99

Call of Duty®: Advanced Warfare Day Zero Edition £54.99

Call of Duty®: Advanced Warfare Season Pass £34.99

Xbox 360

All versions here

PS3 / PS4

Call of Duty® Advanced Warfare PS4 Standard Edition £54.99

Call of Duty® Advanced Warfare PS3 Standard Edition £49.99

Call of Duty:Advanced Warfare – Digital Pro Edition (Day Zero) PS4 £89.99

Call of Duty:Advanced Warfare – Digital Pro Edition (Day Zero) PS3 £84.99

PC versions

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare – Day Zero Edition £28.40 here

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Standard £25.55 here

Cheap Credit

Simply combine the deals below to make up the amount you need to purchase the game via the Playstation Store or Xbox Live

Xbox Credit

Get £50 credit for just £42.65 here

Get £40 credit for just £35.14 here

Get £25 credit for just £22.79 here

Get £20 credit for just £17.85 here

Get £15 credit for just £13.29 here

Get £10 credit for just £8.99 here

Get £5 credit for just £4.55  here

PS3 / PS4 Credit

Get £35 credit for just £29.44 here

Get £25 credit for just £20.89 here

Get £10 credit for just £9,.49 here

Get £5 credit for just £4.74 here

Cheapest Xbox Live & Playstation Plus Subscriptions

12 Months Xbox Live Gold £23.26 here

13 Months Xbox Live Gold £24.60 here

12 Months Playstation Plus £33.15 here

90 Day Playstation Plus £11.30 here

Pre-Paid Credit & Subscription Price Watch



12 Months Xbox Live Gold Membership £25.55 here

13 Months Xbox Live Gold Membership £26.59 here

£50 credit cheapest price £42.65 here

£40 credit cheapest price £35.14 here

£25 credit cheapest price £22.79 here

£20 credit cheapest price £17.85 here

£15 credit cheapest price £13.29 here

£10 credit cheapest price £9.01 here

£5 credit cheapest price £4.55 here



1 Year Playstation Plus Subscription £35.14 here

90 Day Playstation Plus Subscription £11.30 here

£35 credit cheapest price £30.39 here

£25 credit cheapest price £21.84 here

£10 credit cheapest price £9.49 here

£5 credit cheapest price £4.74  here



£25 credit cheapest price £22.31 here

£15 credit cheapest price £13.29 here



£50 credit cheapest price £44.64 here

£20 credit cheapest price £18.04 here


EA Origin

£25 credit cheapest price £21.84 here

£10 credit cheapest price £9.01 here



£50 credit cheapest price £44.64 here

£25 credit cheapest price £20.89 here


Google Play

£50 credit cheapest price £39.89 here

£25 credit cheapest price £22.79 here

£10 credit cheapest price £9.40 here

*All prices correct at time of publication