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HORI Split Pad Pro – Daemon X Machina Edition for Nintendo Switch £39.46

£49.99 £39.46

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A revolutionary way to play your Nintendo Switch! Enjoy the full-size controller experience in handheld mode with the Hori split pad Pro. Featuring full-size analogue sticks, precision d-pad, and large shoulder buttons designed for comfort and accuracy, even for marathon gaming sessions. Advanced features include programmable rear triggers, Turbo functionally, assignable buttons, and more. Perfect for high-pace action titles such as daemon x Machina and many other Nintendo Switch titles. Enhance your gaming experience with the split pad Pro! Officially licensed by Nintendo. (Not a wireless Controller – only for handheld mode. Does not include HD Rumble, NFC, or IR camera.).


  1. Daz

    Check out the official Frugal Gaming review of this product here https://frugalgaming.co.uk/2019/11/30/hori-split-pad-pro-nintendo-switch-controller-review/

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