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Mafia Definitive Edition Xbox One £11.95



Discover Lost Heaven

Re-discover the mob classic with the Xbox One Mafia Definitive Edition. Set in dangerous times of US prohibition era, you’ll get to join the ranks of organised crime in the fictional city of Lost Heaven. As a taxi driver Tommy Angelo you’ll work your way up to respected and feared member of the Salieri family. There’s amazing voice acting and excellent storytelling, making this game feel like a film.

Dangerous mob life

Enjoy all the favourite mob activities as you know them. Dangerous car chases, raw alley fights, stealthy midnight smuggle runs or full-out Tommy gun shootouts, it’s all there. You’ll collect classic cars, try out a whole arsenal of mobster weapons and make bonds with other members of Salieri family. All to a roaring sound of 30s swing music.

Classic remastered

All that comes with re-mastered graphics, expanded story and original score. Enjoy the beloved classic in today’s looks and resolutions. Nostalgia in a modern form.


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