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Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin Deluxe Edition PC (WW) Digital Download £34.99


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A new adventure awaits you in this second installment of the turn-based RPG series set in the world of Monster Hunter! Become a Rider and form bonds with friendly monsters known as Monsties to fight alongside them as you take part in an epic story.
You play as the grandson of Red, a legendary Rider. The story begins with a fateful encounter with Ena, a Wyverian girl who has been entrusted with an egg with the potential to hatch into a legendary Rathalos which could wreak havoc if awakened to its destructive power.
Protagonist: You are a Rider who was born and raised in Mahana, a village on a tropical island. Your grandfather, Red, forged a bond with Guardian Ratha, the revered monster who protects the island. Upon meeting Ena, you decide to leave your home with her in order to learn more about your grandfather and to discover the cause of all the strange happenings recently.
Characters: Ena, Navirou, Red, Kayna, Alwin, Tsukino and Razewing Ratha
Monsties: Mizutsune, Pukei – Pukei, Paolumu, Anjanath, Legiana, Kulu-Ya-Ku and Velocidrome
Hakolo Island: A tropical island known for its sacred mountain. Large monsters graze peacefully among the grasslands.
Mahana Village: The central village of Hakolo Island. This is your hometown. Red once called this his home, as well. In this area, you will meet Chief Gara, Kayna, and other Riders.


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