Surviving The Digital Future – A Money Saving Guide


I’m a hoarder. I collect things like video games, then organize them in an anally retentive fashion. That’s why thinking of a future where digital games are the only option gave me cause for concern. However, I’m also a lazy prick and have often wished for a way to eliminate the need to move my ample arse from the sofa to swap the games in my console disc tray.

All of a sudden, this digital future looks like in may not be too bad after all….But wait.

In this digital future it seems we will all need to become sex workers just to pay for games in this format. Surely the fact that there are no physical materials needed, such as a discs and packaging would make these games cheaper. Not forgetting the fact there are no shipping costs, distributor fees and all the other costs related to selling physical products.

Not so.

I will now try and explain why this is the case. Basically the companies (lets call them dealers) selling digital content are evil bastards. Evil bastards that will milk us for every penny in this digital future, whilst they sit back in their jewel encrusted thrones, watching people like me spew all my hard earned money down our fat internet pipes!

Obviously this isn’t the case, but I’m far too stupid and lazy to research the real reasons why digital games cost so much.

But, I do know how to save people money, so here is a little guide to making the most of your cash when buying downloadable titles.

Pre-Paid Credit and Game Codes

If you want to save money, then the easiest way is by purchasing pre-paid credit. There are various retailers that sell Playstation Store & Microsoft credit at discounted prices, the best of which will be listed at the bottom of this page. You simply buy the credit via their websites and they will email you a code (usually instantly) that can then be redeemed on the relevant console stores. The same can be done with many downloadable games and season passes as most of these sites sell the whole lot at reduced prices.


Digital games are never cheap on launch day. But if you wait a month or so, you often find titles being reduced in the likes of the PSN Summer Sale and Xbox Lives Deals With Gold. Combine these sale prices with the pre-paid credit savings mentioned earlier and it’s win win

Trade Yo Shit!

I don’t literally mean trade in your excrement, just sell all your old games, hardware and accessories that will never see the light of day. A great website for finding the best trade-in prices is Trade in Detectives. Alternatively you can trade in games via post using the trade in service. You can then use the money they add to your account once the trades have gone through to buy Pre-Paid credit gift cards that can then be used to buy digital games on XBL and PSN etc. This only works on the physical gift cards, not the downloadable ones they sell.

Join The PC Master Race

Apparently PC’s can be used for other things than viewing porn and making spreadsheets. Ok, so they’re not the cheapest things to buy and keep updated, but once you’ve made the initial investment, buying games for them can offer massive savings over the console equivalent. Physical games for PC have pretty much died a death and PC gamers are already embracing the digital future and reaping the rewards financially as a result. Thanks to the likes of Steam, digital games can be picked up dirt cheap, especially in the very popular steam sales. Also, Pre-Order games can be purchased for around £10-£20 off the RRP here. Another great way of buying very cheap PC games is by regularly keeping a on the Humble Bundle website as they offer great discounts on a weekly basis. You can also get cheap pre-paid credit for the various distribution platforms, we have listed all the cheapest prices here.

Subscription Services

Playstation Plus and Xbox Games With Gold offer great value for money. PS+ is currently the better option, but Microsoft are trying to catch up and have had a few decent games recently which Gold members get free. EA are also sticking their beaks in to this area with their EA Access subscription service. You can find reduced subscriptions to most of these service in the links below.

So although the digital future may be a little bit on the expensive side, there are always a few tricks you can use to be a bit more frugal. And at least we won’t have to peel our backsides of the sofa every time we want to play another game!

Digital Apocalypse Survival Pack

12 Months Xbox Live £22.60

365 Day Playstation Plus £33.15

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Trade in Detectives

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Humble Bundle

Here are some of the best digital deals available

*Prices correct at time of publication

Titanfall XBox One Digital Download £22.70

Tomb Raider Definitive Edition Digital Copy PS4 £20.79

Forza 5 Xbox One £24.60

Metal Gear Solid V – Ground Zeros Xbox One £11.39

Call of Duty: Ghosts Xbox One | 360 £19.99

Metal Gear Solid V – Ground Zeros PS4 £11.99 For PS+ Members

Worms™ Battlegrounds PS4 Digital Version £15.99 / £14.39

Dynasty Warriors 8: XL Complete Edition PS4 £20.79

Bound By Flame PS4 Digital Version £20.79

Also, if you are looking for a specific game cheap, feel free to get in touch here and we will hunt down the best prices for you

*Prices correct at time of publication