Empyrion – Galactic Survival Preview


Let me break this to you gently folks… Hang on, I won’t even do that, I will be completely lazy and let the game blurb batter you around the head for me.

Empyrion is a 3D open world, space survival adventure in which you can fly across space and land on planets. Build, explore, fight and survive in a hostile galaxy full of hidden dangers”.

Yes my lovelies, I’m covering another survival and crafting sim. Now that I’ve revealed that little nugget, do you want to know something else? It’s out in Early Access via Steam. As I walk through the cyber Souk in my head, vendors tugging at my sleeves “here my friend, you want Zombies, you want crafting? I have it all at bargain price.”

The Proverbial Souk

I have nightmares of this Souk, 1000’s of vendors and I wander a myriad of markets streets, countless vendors selling shoddy unfinished games.

Fortunately, there’s a vendor in my nightmarish Souk that shines light on these streets, he’s selling Empyrion: Galactic Survival and every gamer with an interest in this genre of gaming really should give this one a look.

Take a sprinkle of dinosaur survival, a dash of Minecraft, a spoon of Elite Dangerous and a pinch of geek and you have this game.

You begin as a lot of games in this ilk do. Your ship has crashed on an alien world and you’re left to your own devices, but oxygen and food are scarce.

Survive. Survive is the name of the game and more than that, you need not just to survive, you need to get off this planet and explore the solar system and galaxy!

The breadth of ambition in this game is quite breath taking, have a look at the video that I will link at the end of this piece to see the roadmap in action.

First things first. I mentioned survival and after gathering my wits, I realised my crashed space pod was full of goodies, tools, materials and technology that will help begin my journey. Your pod also has a crafting section. Open this section up, fill it with the right materials and start crafting what’s called for.

There is a sense of urgency to all of this. Supplies in your escape pod are very low, only 2 canisters of oxygen, some basic food supplies, some ingots of various metals. There is a fair amount of time spent in these crafting menus, but tack up a queue of task and leave the machinations of the pod to do your work while you waddle off and explore.


Walking With Dinoaliens

As you start the game, certain important areas of the map are highlighted for you, mainly mining areas to which you can gather ore to create ingots and create a whole host of equipment and supplies to build a base, to build a ship to explore your new home and find more resources and eventually get off the planet to explore the stars.

Now I always fear that I over explain games or I have a dreaded thought that I’m not making any sense. So let me break it down and patronise not just you, but even myself.

  • Crash land with a wallop on a colourful and big bad beast inhabited planet.
  • Salvage what you can from your escape pod.
  • Craft essential goods and machinery to keep your big fat gamer belly full and oxygen tanks full (death hurts).
  • Explore your locality; avoid those freakishly weird alien things lurking around. Maybe kill the little beggars with some of the weaponry you may have crafted. You can even keep their remains, they may be tasty!
  • Look for mining spots to find valuable and much needed ores to provide materials for more crafting.

There’s a lot to do and it has to be said there’s a pace in this game. At first you’re against the clock to get your basic set up and make sure you don’t snuff it by making silly mistakes (such as running out of oxygen).

Then your eyes are on the bigger picture: Build a base, build a hydroponics factory for food, build food processors. There’s a lot to do already in the current build. I haven’t even touched upon leaving your own planet, exploring space.


A lot of time spent in Empyrion – Galactic Survival is spent in the crafting menus and micromanagement. I should point out here that I’m ….. How shall I put it ….Slow! I’m also daft as a brush and kept on dying rather a lot, due to really silly mistakes (top tip! Don’t decide to go on a mining trip at midnight). I actually found my time crafting enjoyable as it has a slight puzzle-like element to it.

In my forays so far I’ve managed to get a base up and running, get food processors going. I’m sure in the later game of space explorations, micromanagement will be taken care of by the array of machines available.

My plans now are to be clever enough to build some modes of transport and explore, not just the locality, but space and beyond.

I have very high hopes for Empyrion. I play a lot of these survival/building/crafting type games, I have found this to be one of the more captivating games in the genre, certainly one of the most playable and already has huge scope and massive ambition.

It’s also on Steam now for less than £14 which is a steal(price set to rise on completion).


Engaging, absorbing, fascinating.


In its current build the monsters feel a bit low rent (think 1970’s Doctor Who).