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The combination of running a website and being an avid gamer means I spend several hours per day with my ample buttocks planted firmly in front of a TV screen or computer monitor. This often results in me getting very tired eyes and annoying headaches and is something I’m always conscious of. I have previously tested several pairs of gaming glasses hoping to remedy this problem, but I’ve always ended up disappointed or just down right annoyed with the results.

Most of the glasses I have used previously just didn’t seem to make any difference at all and some even made things worse thanks to annoying reflections in the lenses that made it almost impossible to concentrate. So when I received this set of NoScope Minotaur I was expecting much the same.

NoScope offer affordable Gaming Glasses with a wide range of styles. I received the Minotaur glasses in Tsunami Blue to review which are pictured above. I requested these as they looked the most comfortable and sturdy of the range, even though they had a slight hint of Ali G about them. The frames are a wrap around design made from a durable polycarbonate material along with the gaming grade resin coated lenses. The lenses have a yellow tint that may not look the most fashionable, but are a nicer colour than most of the alternatives I have tried. The glasses are very lightweight and this means the comfort is exceptional. Also included is a soft case and a microfiber cloth to keep the glasses in tip top condition.

Although these are mainly aimed at the gaming market, the first thing I used them for was website work on my computer. Even though there was no noticeable difference when I first put them on (apart from causing a slightly annoying yellow hue), the real benefits were glaringly obvious once I took them off. I don’t think most people realise how much bright blue and white light is generated by modern displays and this is one thing that can cause issues with headaches and eyestrain. These really help to neutralise the glare from screens and create a more natural, comfortable viewing experience.


Being a couch potato I tend to do most of my gaming slumped on the sofa, about 2 metres away from the TV with the curtains closed, a bit like a lazy gaming vampire, just without the neck biting. I have clocked up about 10 hours game-play using these glasses, in addition to several hours sat behind a computer screen writing reviews and finding deals.

I have come to the conclusion there are two situations where these glasses really become beneficial. The first and most noticeable is when you’re sitting directly in front of a screen, as you really are exposed to the brightness of the screen when sitting this close. The second is when you are sitting further away from the screen for longer periods of time. This is where these have really helped me as I can usually game for no longer than 45 minutes at a time before my headaches kick in. I have managed to rack up some of the longest gaming sessions in ages thanks to these, although it’s always wise to take regular breaks from any epic gaming marathon.

So in conclusion, I was really surprised by how effective the NoScope Minotaur gaming glasses were, especially after the disappointment of other products I have tried previously. There are higher end gaming glasses on the market, but as you’d expect, they come with a premium price tag. The NoScope Minotaur offer a good quality, affordable product and I will personally be using these for both gaming and computer work and I highly recommend giving them a try.

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