Venom Officially Licensed Vibration Stereo Headset For PS3 | PS4 Review


The Venom Vibration Stereo Headset is an officially licensed product that can be used with the PS3 and PS4. This is the successor to the Venom XT+ that we reviewed in 2014. The RRP for this headset is £49.99, but you can pick it up for just £30.99 from Zavvi.


This is a wired headset that boasts a fully adjustable headband and microphone that is constructed from plastic which has a soft touch ruberized finish. The sound is pumped in to your ears courtesy of two 40mm Neodymium drivers and the vibration, which is designed to mimic the rumble feature you’d find in the Dualshock 4 controller is provided by two additional 30mm drivers. The ear cups are made from a faux leather material and just about cover the ears. There is also an in-line remote that independently controls the game and chat volume, as well as the vibration intensity. It also incorporates a mute button that can be used to hide your displeasure after getting tea-bagged by annoying teenagers on Call of Duty.

First Impressions

As soon as I removed this set from it’s packaging it instantly felt cheaper than the previous model that we reviewed. The design may have been aimed at making the headset lighter, but it just seems less sturdy and not as well made as the Venom XT+. This was very disappointing as I really liked the previous model and would have expected a better build quality considering this is an officially licensed Playstation Product.


Getting Started

Set up is relatively straight forward, you just need to insert the USB in to the console, plug the 3.5mm audio connection in to the headphone jack on your TV and then change one setting in the consoles audio options. There is also a phono adapter included if wish to connect to an external audio amplifier. It literally takes only a few minutes to get started!


This is a very light and comfortable headset, the ear cups cover your ears and provide a decent seal to cut out exterior noise

Sound Quality

Now, my previous whining could be overlooked if the sound quality was decent. Unfortunately it wasn’t impressive enough to make me forget the other shortcomings, so I’m really hoping the Vibration feature saves the day. The sound quality was perfectly adequate whilst playing shooty shoot bang bang games, but when it comes to games where you really like to hear the full range of audio like voice and music, it falls flat and at times leaves you struggling to clearly hear the game dialog. I was however impressed by the quality of the microphone during chat, this is especially important if you are going to be using the headset to live stream.


Good Vibrations

So the main selling point of this headset is the vibration feature and it’s one area that there’s been a noticeable improvement. The vibration was in fact so strong that I had to turn it down a little, otherwise I’m pretty sure I’d have lost a filling. Although it may seem like a gimmick, the vibration feature is a nice addition to a headset, especially when the shit hits the fan in shooting games and there’s explosions going off all over the place. It helps to immerse yourself in to the action.

Final Thoughts

So in summary, if you are after a headset especially for the vibration feature, then this is for you. Otherwise there are a few other headsets in this price range that don’t have vibration, but offer superior sound and build quality.

The headset comes in 2 colours:

White £30.99 @Zavvi

Black £30.99 @Zavvi


Gioteck HC4 Wired PS4 Gaming Headset Review


I have reviewed pretty much every PS4 headset available on the market and until a few days ago, I was pretty certain I had found the perfect set in the official Sony PS4 Wireless Headset 2.0. Then I received the Gioteck HC4 to review and was curious to see if it would even come close in terms or performance.

I had previously reviewed the Gioteck EX-06 Wireless Headset and was pretty critical of it due to the poor quality of the mic and the issues it had with wireless connectivity. I have always liked Gioteck products as they tend to be well made and offer great value for money, so I was hoping for the best.

If I’m honest, I had pretty much written off the HC4’s as I really didn’t think they would compare to the Sony headset, plus these are wired which is a real no no for me. To say I was surprised by how good the HC4 headset is an understatement. As soon as I got them out of the box I was impressed, but most of all I was relieved on how minimal the wire is. Long gone are those annoying 27 foot long wires that lead all the way back to the console, the wire on this headset is an anti-tangle, flat lead that is roughly 2 feet long and plugs directly in to the controller.

Thankfully, the HC4’s have retained all the features I liked about the previous Gioteck EX-06 headset, whilst eliminating all the things I disliked about them. They look great and feel robust and well made, they are also one of the best fitting, most comfortable headsets I have ever worn. They have an over ear design which shuts out external noise very effectively and the sound leek is minimal. However, they did make my ears pretty hot on longer gaming sessions due to the snugness of the ear-cups.


The thing I usually hate about gaming headsets is all the fannying around required to connect them to console itself. No such worries with this set as they just plug straight in to the PS4 controller, just like you’d plug your earphones in to your mobile phone, it really couldn’t be easier. They are amplified, but unlike most wired headsets, they don’t need to be plugged in to the console to be powered as the headset has an inbuilt rechargeable battery that deals with all the amplification wizardry.

Ok, so that’s enough gushing about this headset, we all know that the most important thing about a good gaming headset is the sound quality and that’s where I expected things to go down hill. How wrong was I?? Very, as this was the part I was most impressed with. The sound of this headset is very impressive and sounds just as good as the Sony PS4 Wireless Headset 2.0. The audio is great across all ranges of sound, but most impressive is the quality of the bass. Gunfire, grenades, explosions and crashes all provide a very satisfying, punchy bass tone, which really helps you immerse yourself in the game.

As well as good bass, they provide very clear voice audio, which is brilliant as many headsets I have tested tend to drown out the characters voice due to overbearing bass or in game music. This set deals with that balance very well and seems to get it right whether you’re playing a shooter, racer or platformer. The only thing I really miss is the digital surround sound offered by other headsets, that is pretty much the only negative thing I found with the HC4’s.


The quality of the microphone for in-game chat is another thing that usually lets gaming headsets down, but again Gioteck has addressed this issue and the mic provides very clear chat, a feature that I have tested on gaming consoles as well as using the headset to make calls on my iPhone. The chat is very clear and will only be degraded by the quality of the network that you use them on, I often have problems with the sound of in-game chat on the Playstation Network for some reason.

This headset can be used with any device that has a 3.5mm audio input. I have used them on my iPhone, Vita, 3DS and they always worked perfectly. You can even use them on the Xbox One controller, but requires the Microsoft adapter for this to work. You can expect to get about 8 hours usage from a single charge, which is done via the the micro USB cable included in the box.

Overall I am very, very impressed with the Gioteck HC4’s and would recommend it to anyone that is looking for a decent gaming headset without wanting to spend crazy amounts of money.

You can pick up this headset for £28.95 here


Headset supplied by Gioteck for review



Venom XT+ Vibration Gaming Headset Review

Compatible with Xbox 360 | PS3 | PS4 | PC | Mac | Cheapest Price £25.99Venom_Vibration Headset XT_THUMBNAIL

Gaming headsets are now big business and there are a massive range of products available on the market to reflect this. Most budgets are now catered for, but in the past, cheap gaming headsets meant nasty gaming headsets. Thankfully, this is no longer the case, as proven by this headset. The Venom XT+ may look like a normal headset at first glance, but it has a pretty snazzy vibration feature that is delivered via two additional 30mm Vibration Speaker Drivers, which work alongside the 40mm drivers that provide the sound. Sounds good, but will it actually make a difference to your gaming experience?

First Impressions

I managed to un-box the headset without finding the need to video it, which seems impossible for most people these days! Who knew opening boxes was so exciting, right?

My first impression was that they looked very well made and resembled traditional DJ headsets in their design, which was nice as some sets out there look like you have a small space station strapped to your head. The build quality seems very good for a headset that you can pick up for under £30 and the materials used look nice and more importantly feel comfortable when wearing them. They also have the Venom logo on each earpiece which glows red when in use, plus you can also fold them up, enabling them to be easily stored away.

Good vibrations?

Despite the fact a Vibration Headset sounds like a ploy from Ann Summers to get gamers in to their stores, it’s actually an interesting addition. I was initially expecting the kind of rumble you’d find in many controllers and envisaged my teeth being rattled loose in my head, but this isn’t so as the vibrations are very subtle, yet still effective. The vibrations were actually so subtle I initially wondered if there was any difference between these and any other gaming headset that doesn’t have the vibration feature. I then done a direct comparison between these and several other headsets I own and it was obvious straight away that the other sets were missing the deep, bass driven vibrations that the Venom XT+ delivers.

Just don’t expect the same kind of vibrations you get with the likes of the Dualshock 4 as controller vibrations are provided by small motors, whereas the vibrations in this headset are delivered via additional speakers, so the vibration is nowhere near as strong.

Sound Quality

The Venom XT+ sound quality is also pretty impressive for a headset in this price range. They obviously don’t compare to high-end sets that boast 7.1 surround sound, but for this kind of money you’ll be hard pushed to find anything that sounds better. In-game chat is also very clear and you can control both the chat and game volume independently via the in-line control, which also has a feature that lets you adjust the intensity of the vibration.


There are no major moans, the most annoying thing about the headset is that it does pick up a small amount of static background noise, however this soon disappears once the game sound kicks in. The in-line volume control could also do with a clip that you can attach to clothing and the cord could do with being slightly longer.

[box type=”info” style=”rounded” border=”full”]We have since been informed that future stock of these headsets will include a clip on the in-line controls[/box]

Venom_Vibration Headset XT_ACTION_THUMBNAIL

Overall Impressions

This headset is great value for money and offers sound quality that rivals the equivalent models in the popular Turtle Beach range. The vibration feature is a nice addition, but not enough of a game changer to justify running out and buying these if you already have a decent wired headset.

However, if you are in the market for a new headset, then this is a great option that can be picked up for just £25.99 here or on-line and in-store at Argos for £29.99

Reviewed using PS4


*Prices correct at time of publication

Technical Specifications

  • 40mm Speaker Drivers – superior sound clarity to enhance your gaming experience
  • 30mm Vibration Speaker Drivers – featuring rich bass and vibration technology to fully
  • Immerse you into the game like never before
  • Inline Volume Control Unit – ergonomically designed control for in-game volume
  • Adjustments, online chat audio and vibration sensitivity
  • Soft Cushioned Headband and Ear Cups – for maximum comfort during gameplay
  • Neon Power Led Ear Cups – LED indicator gives power status
  • Adjustable Flexible Microphone – fully adjustable microphone for live in-game chat;
  • Detachable for easy storage
  • 3.85 Metre Cable – with USB, RCA connectors and 2.5mm jack
  • UNIVERSAL – Compatible with PS4, PS3, Xbox 360, PC and Mac

Product Gallery

Gioteck EX-06 Wireless Headset Review | PS4


Gioteck EX-06 Wireless Headset | Reviewed Using PS4
One of the most common questions I get asked is which PS4 compatible headsets provide the best value for money. So I decided to do some research to try and answer this question as accurately as possible. I scoured the internet for reviews of the Gioteck EX-06 as I had got lots of positive feedback about them. Nearly every review I found were by people that had been sent the headsets by Gioteck to review and pretty much every one of those reviews were positive. Being the cynical chap I am, I never take much notice of reviews where people have been given stuff by the manufacturer, just in case this has clouded their judgement.

So I thought I’d take a punt and buy them in order to write a review. When I bought these for a very frugal £36 from Asda, I wasn’t expecting much. I have always found Gioteck products to be very good quality, but surely there’s no way of making a quality wireless headset for the PS4 for only £36?

Maybe, just maybe I was wrong.

First impressions
After unboxing, you are presented with a hard carry case which the headset is stored in. This is a nice touch as every other gaming headset I own ends up getting chucked in to a drawer where they inevitably end up damaged or at the very least get blu-tack stuck on them. Upon opening the case you find the pretty impressive looking headset, folded up in a way that resembles the headset equivalent of the fetal position. Not the tat I was expecting at all. The headset comes with various cables, including USB to Mini USB cable for charging and a cable that plugs in to the PS4 controller which enables chat.

After removing the headset from it’s case I was surprised with how well made they felt. Like many other Gioteck products they have a rubberised finish that makes them almost arousing to touch (this maybe just me). They also unfold with a satisfying snap and felt very sturdy. The mic can be connected to either side of the headphones, or detached and stored away when not required.

Connecting to console
The USB connector is unfortunately a really annoying design as it requires slightly more space in front of the console than most others I have used. However, connecting the receiver to the PS4 is easy as can be, you simply plug the USB wireless receiver in to the console, change one audio setting on the PS4 and you’re ready to roll. Once you have plugged it in, you then need to turn on the power button on the headset and they pair seamlessly.

As soon as I put these on to my ample head, I realised much to my surprise that these were actually the most comfortable headphones I had ever owned. They fit really snugly and don’t feel like you’ve got a mobile disco balancing on your head, unlike some Turtle Beach headsets. To put them to the test, I undertook a small selection of physical activities to see just how well they stayed on. 5 press ups, 3 sit ups and one near heart attack later, they were still sitting firm and I almost forgot that I was wearing them.

Getting your game on
I then fired up my console and started to play Resogun as I thought this would be the perfect game to test out a wide range of audio levels. Straight away I realised there was a problem as the sound was cutting out every 2 seconds, making it impossible to hear what was going on in the game. At this point I was sitting about 3 feet to the right of my PS4 as I had the console connected to my PC monitor instead of my main TV, which is where the console and wireless receiver are situated. It soon became clear that the position that I was sitting was causing a connection problem. Although the headset specification states it has a wireless range 20ft, this only seems the case if there is a direct line of sight between the headset and the receiver. Any deviation from this causes the headset to cut out. Even sitting with your feet up obstructing the connection between the headset and the receiver will cause problems.

I have used many wireless headsets and out of all of them this was the only one I have had connection problems with. With my previous Turtle Beach wireless headset, I could go relieve myself in the toilet upstairs  whilst still wearing the headset without any connection problems or interference (much to the dismay of the people in my party chat). But with this set, I’d have no such luxury.

Sound Quality
The sound quality is pretty impressive for a headset that costs under £40. However, after playing several different games it became clear that sound quality is the main difference between these and the higher priced alternatives. Although the sounds of the voices, music and bass are all impressive individually, when you blend them all together the levels just don’t seem right. The bass and music tend to overpower the characters when they are talking, making it hard to understand what they are saying. If you increase the volume to try and hear what the characters are saying, the bass, background music, sound effects and gunfire will make you want to toss the headset across the room. If there was some way to equalize the sound levels there wouldn’t be a problem, but unfortunately there is no such feature on the PS4.

Overall, the sound is pretty good and I’m sure 90% of gamers would think they sound great. But if like me you are an anally retentive audio whore, you may want to invest in a more expensive alternative!

This is the one area where the headset really fails to impress. Although I could hear others in party chat well enough, they had problems hearing me. I sounded quiet and slightly distorted and the sound quality of the mic was worse than that of the standard headset included with the PS4. One positive is that you can change the game and chat volume independently to each other, enabling you to get the balance of game sound and chat volume set to your personal preference.

Overall this is a very good headset for the money, in fact I am pretty sure it’s the best wireless headset you will find for under £40. It’s well made, looks great and rivals even the most expensive headsets in terms of comfort. Unfortunately the disappointing wireless coverage, off kilter sound levels and piss poor mic stops it being a serious contender to other headsets such as the Turtle Beach PX4’s and Sony Gold wireless headset. I would also be hesitant to pay the full price for this headset, which is around the £70 mark.

If you are a gamer with a limited budget looking for a decent sounding headset, then the Gioteck EX-06 headset is for you. If you are looking for a wireless headset that has amazing sound quality and wireless coverage, save up a bit more cash and opt for a higher spec alternative.

For me, the wireless problems I encountered seriously effected my final score. If I hadn’t had these problems I’d have rated them 7.5/10


This headset also compatible with the Xbox 360, PS3, Mac & PC and is currently £36 in-store at Asda.


Official Gioteck Video

Specifications and features

  • Folding Hinge System: Fold-up design that allows for easier storage and transportation
  • 2.4GHZ Wireless Technology: Advanced wireless digital technology that broadcasts game audio up to 20ft
  • Superior Fit & Finish: Designed with superior materials for the ultimate comfortable fit
  • Flexible Mic Arm: Extensive adjustment for perfect positing and maximum voice clarity
  • Integrated Audio Controls: Intuitive audio controls on the ear cups for quick, easy access
  • Virtual Surround Sound: Featuring a virtual surround sound effect  for total game immersion
  • Advanced Noise Reduction: Eliminating game sound interference from external sources
  • Rich Detailed HD Audio: Delivering crisp highs, deep lows and everything between
  • Compatible with: PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, PC and Mac