OMG Zombies PC Review


OMG Zombies PC Review

Publisher: Laughing Jackal
Developer: Laughing Jackal
Platform Reviewed: PC
Release date: Out Now on PC/Steam £3.99

Zombies making an appearance in video games is certainly nothing new, but Laughing Jackal have tried to do something different with their approach to the seemingly inevitable apocalypse.  Set in the fictional city of Redfield, which has been overrun by the said horde of undead, a lone survivor stands, armed with only a sniper rifle and a handful of bullets, ready to save the day.

You begin each level perched on high ground, relatively safe from the zombies- shuffling around beneath you. From here you can take your time and pick them off at will, the twist comes when you realise you only have three bullets, not nearly enough to slay them all. Thankfully your bullets are coated with a special pathogen with causes the zombies to explode on impact. As one explodes it will cause others nearby to do the same thus causing a very satisfying chain reaction. With careful consideration, a good aim and a bit of luck it is possible to clear the whole screen with one shot.

OMG Screen

Adding to the already strategic elements of the game there are also different types of zombie that will react differently upon there expiration. Police zombies will fire a single shot across the screen, bloaters explode, corrosive zombies leave a pool of acid behind, soldiers fire bullets which ricochet, screamers run across the screen with a high pitched wail killing those around them and finally there are zombies which fire a form of Taser -providing a trip wire, electrocuting others on contact.

Kill enough zombies on screen and you are rewarded with a medal- from bronze up to platinum. For each medal you achieve you are also given a lump sum of cash. This can used to upgrade your weapons, explosive barrels and the zombies themselves. Each advancement increases there lethality to each other, thus making it easier to clear the levels. There are 100 stages in total and the upgrades are essential if you want to clear them all.

The game is a port of a PSP mini title and realistically this shows.  A little bit more refinement would have been very welcome. The visuals are drawn completely in greyscale except for the oodles of red blood that will eventually awash the screen, think of the movie Sin City and you will have some idea of the look on offer. The death animations aren’t really smooth enough and the sound effects can get annoying. That being said, it’s not the presentation that will grip you.


A well placed shot which obliterates all the zombies feels absolutely gratifying. There is an element of luck involved due to the random placement of enemies but, this does not stop this title from being any less addictive. To platinum every level will take some time and once it grabs you won’t want to stop until you have them all.


Reviewer – MrBadDog