Toxikk – Early access

TOX_06_720p review

“FRAG LIKE IT’S 1999! TOXIKK plays as if today’s military shooters never existed. The game combines the simple and intuitive mechanics of old-school FPS giants with a fresh setting, slick graphics and our vision to carefully evolve the genre with some new ideas elaborated with Arena-FPS enthusiasts.”

Available for Early Access via Steam, my first thoughts when I saw this game in action for the first time were that this is looking pretty polished already.

It boasts a level playing ground, no levelling up and no load outs; just like we had to endure during the 90’s and early 00’s. We had to find the decent weapons!…………… In the map!!

Far from the “twitch” shooters like Cod etc. Toxikk takes it back to simpler times when everyone would scramble for the power weapons. Think RPG’s, snipers and shotguns. You’re unstoppable!!


I’ve played 2 maps with 2 modes. I played on the Foundation map, which is a dark but brightly illuminated Hong Kong downtown slum. It’s a smaller, pretty close quarters, which for playing death match was a lot of fun, although being so small I found myself constantly getting killed on spawn. But there’s no time to stand still so no campers!

The second map – Twin Peaks, looked very Halo-ish, was large and had access to vehicles. The vehicles, (again rather Halo-ish) were great fun as they were not massively overpowered tanks which cannot be destroyed and easy enough for anyone to jump in and drive. On this map I played Cell Capture, which is pretty much capture the flag. This was great fun and worked much better than I thought it would on a huge map.

The guns feel different in their own unique way. You have the usual jump and crouch, there are also dodge moves too and a cloaking ability. There’s also the chance to create and submit your own content. Toxikk offers the chance to build your own maps, skins, characters and other user generated content.

There is a background story to Toxikk. You play a part of a new world order struggle between 2 factions: The Exocom and The Drayos. You play a mercenary whose offering your services to the leading faction. I’m not sure if they will try and put some kind of story or campaign like Titanfall. We will have to wait and see.


There are a plenty of empty servers and only 2 official ones, which during my playtime didn’t have loads of people in them. I managed to get a couple of good games in where 6+ others were playing. From what I’ve read, I hope and believe people are playing when I’m sleeping.

In all there is definitely something about this game which will keep you coming back for more, I felt I had improved over the time I played, it looks pretty good and looking at the specs it should polish up a bit more on release.

The main issue, in my opinion is Toxikk maybe should have been a closed beta to test rather than made playable via early access.

People will play it and they will enjoy it, it’s just a shame that people will forget about it come the officially launch date. Of course games need testing and what better way to test then putting them out to people like you and me. 

toxikk_mailshotI just fear in an already saturated market of FPS games with 2 clear camps of BF4/HL or CoD, this may only get a nostalgic looking for most players then forgotten about. I liked the fact it’s a level playing field and that you got your arse handed to you because the other guy was better than you, not because he’s hammered it and 50 levels higher than you with better guns.

There’s not a lot wrong with the actual game, the real thing that stands against are the market leaders, CoD and Battlefield have the majority of players hooked and this doesn’t seem to have a large player base already. For this game to succeed it needs bums on seats. Now I learned the basics against bots which is fine, it encourages new players to get there eye in without having there arse handed to them and being put off forever.

I can see this really appealing to the Quake and Unreal Tournament fans, I’d almost go as far as saying that this is the game a lot of those fans asked for back when there were no CoD’s or BF’s. Most new arena wannabe shooters that are released are usually free to play, look and play terrible. Toxikk looks rather good, it already looks polished and plays really well. I just really hope I’m wrong about people forgetting about it when it’s finished and released fully. I will be coming back to this and don’t want to be server surfing for games with more than 3 people.

Keep your eye on this one though, at the moment it looks good, plays well and puts the arena FPS attributes into it well. The early access is aimed for 5-6 months then hopefully we’ll see the released version. I just hope it gets the attention it deserves before then.

 Toxikk is available via Steam Early Access HERE