Resogun Review


Genre: Side scrolling shooter

There was a lot of pressure on Resogun when it was released. There are two big reasons for this, firstly it was a launch title for the much hyped Playstation four and secondly it was a free downloadable game thanks to the superb Playstation Plus service. This made it available to all new adopters of Sony’s brand new console and as such under the microscope. This game was developed by Housemarque in Finland who are perhaps most famous for their Super Stardust games which clearly have a similar visual style to Resogun.

A side scrolling shooter doesn’t sound like the most likely game to showcase a new systems graphical leap but Resogun really is impressive to look at. There are five different levels for you, all of which are cylindrical, meaning that the background is actually the middle of the world. The particle effects when blowing up enemies and the background crumbling as the level progresses really are amazing to look at. When the screen fills up with several enemies and you are firing frantically to stay alive this game really does look incredible and I feel it does show off what the PS4 can do visually, at times in the later levels the colours, sounds and animations on screen do look like art and just couldn’t be produced on older hardware.

The main appeal to me though about this game is that it is so simple to pick up and play, as I have already mentioned there are five levels in total, you can either go at these one at a time or play arcade mode and progress through each level in order getting harder as the game goes along. There are four levels of difficulty starting at rookie and ending in Master if you are good enough to unlock it. Sadly I struggle to survive long on this setting to really comment about it.


The simplicity of the game play is for me its strongest asset, you can only fire left and right with you standard weapons that upgrade the further you get into the game. There are only three different ships to choose from all with varying attributes from quick agile but lacking fire power to slow but as powerful as a tank. Finding the ship that suits your style best is part of the fun in this game, personally I like the Nemesis as it is the most agile which is a huge help as I seem to spend most of my time just trying to stay alive.

Your primary weapon varies in power and speed with each ship but the bombs you have are identical regardless of ship. These bombs destroy everything on the world in one fell swoop, great for clearing a congested screen of enemies but these are in limited supply and can only be collected by saving humans that are dotted around the world. These humans are an integral part of the game as they help you build up not only lives, bombs and shields but also points. Yes this game really does hark back to the old days, points are an integral part of this game you will want to be as high up the leader boards as possible and the difficulty you play at massively affects this.

How you collect points is simple, keep hitting your enemies and save the humans. If only it was as simple as it sounds, the more enemies you destroy the higher your multiplier gets but if you go a few seconds your multiplier resets meaning you have to plan how to kill the enemies so that you don’t leave a gap between the waves. Saving humans can help you keep your multiplier giving you a few moments before you hit something else. The more humans you save means more bonus points at the end of the level too as well as the rewards that they give you through out the level in the form of bombs, lives, points and temporary shields.


The end level bosses are superb, the varying difficulty levels really do make each fight different. On the easy levels it seems that the early bosses aren’t that hard to beat but on the harder levels you have to rethink the strategy you used before and most likely come up with a new one to succeed. This also applies to when you use different ships, each one means you have to tackle the bosses in a different manner to get to their weak points.

Of all the launch titles for the PS4 this was definitely the most successful exclusive in my opinion. Whilst on the surface it looks likes a simple side scrolling shooter that you think you have played several times before it is not until you have played it that you realise that it is much more. The simplicity of its game play proves that sometimes less is more this game doesn’t try to over complicate things making it so easy to pick up and play but, for me at least, impossible to master. It is great fun and the points system ensures that you do want to give it just one more go to try and beat your top score.

I am going to give this game an 8/10. I have played this game as much, if not more, than my other PS4 games, the only aspects that could be improved are the number of worlds and ships but otherwise this is a great fun game that everyone with a PS4 should play.