An insight into 9-5 gamers


Playing video games for a living: there couldn’t be a better job in the world, could there? Well, believe it or not, but there are some lucky folk that spend their nine-to-five glued to the TV screen with a controller inseparable from their grip.
Does this sound like you at the weekend? Well maybe you should be getting paid for it.

Of course, nine-to-five gaming isn’t always just fun. The hours can often be long and unsociable. Obviously more people are going to be playing when they are out of work or school, so there will be more responsibilities in the later hours. It’s not a walk in the park either. The hours can be long and the job can be stressful.

However, there is a viable path for a career in video games, even if you don’t have the skills or knowledge to create you own. So what kind of jobs are available?

Here are some examples of gaming jobs.

Professional player

If you’re into your video games, it’s likely you have great skills and experience for this job already. Believe it or not, you can actually make money from playing video games to a high standard.

As it’s such a niche profession, only the very elite can get to the stage where they make a sustainable income.

Games such as “Call of Duty”, “League of Legends” and “Hearthstone” have some notable professionals, as per The Economist.

It’s a long way to the top if you want to go down this route. It starts in small tournaments, where the prize money is little, and you build and build until you reach national championships, where the prizes are much better.

Only an elite few will ever get to this stage, so you really have to be good with a controller to start on the professional player path.

xb1 controller


This is a little easier to get into–although opportunities don’t necessarily come along all the time.

A video games tester requires you to play a game in as detailed a way as possible and provide feedback about how the game could be improved.

One of the benefits of this is that you’ll be able to play the most anticipated games months before they are released, and you can provide tips and suggestions, which could eventually be used in the game itself.

You’re required to repeatedly try different levels, characters, settings and more, as well as comparing the game to others currently on the market. The hours can be long, especially when it comes closer to a release date, and actively hunting for bugs isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. As well as loving video games, you need to be methodical and precise.

Remember, screen quality becomes very important as you’ll be in front of a screen for ages testing out the game. The latest Toshiba smart TV fully delivers on excellent picture quality and performance. Game testing might get a bit exhausting, but at least you’ll enjoy the game in the highest possible quality.


This is a similar position to a games tester, but it requires you to be actively involved with players and online forums, not just to achieve the highest level possible. One of the latest smart TVs might be perfect for this job, as you can play games and do other tasks at the same time on the same screen.

Your job as a moderator is to ensure that all game-players are having the best time possible and making the most of all the game has to offer. You also need to offer help and guidance to players who need it and you need to know the terms and conditions of a game of by heart, to ensure that nobody is breaking any rules.

If you love being in front of your smart TV and bashing buttons on your controller to your heart’s content, a career in video games might be perfect for you. However, it’s not a job for couch potatoes. The work is hard, but it can be fun and rewarding too.

Playstation 4 Remote Play: Is it Worth the Hype?


When the PlayStation 4 launched in November last year, one of its major selling points, and one of the most-demonstrated features, was Remote Play. This is the ability to hook up your PS4 and your PlayStation Vita, allowing you to stream PS4 games on to the small screen, hand-held device. Which let’s face it, is pretty damn handy if someone is hogging the TV. Now you don’t have to kick the family out of the living room to get playing your favourite game. Just grab your Vita, link up to your PS4 and start gaming. But as impressive as it sounds, is it really worth all the hype?

This early on we’re probably not expecting perfection, but is it something that works? Is it a service that people will genuinely use? We tested it out to see whether it should be a big factor in you purchasing a PS4, currently in stock with launch packs at GAME and EBay.

Game play
Remote Play is extremely easy to set up and, on initial showings, works very well. The PS4’s Remote Play works natively, unlike the PS3’s case-by-case support, which means that game developers can add in tailored controls for certain games. So in Assassin’s Creed 4 for example, there are touch screen controls for the map, but you can also use the Vita’s shoulder buttons as triggers, a simple tweak that works brilliantly.

Although there can be issues with WiFi connections, generally speaking there are very few drop-outs in the middle of your game. If you’re patient and hit the ‘X’ button on the Vita, the game starts up again pretty soon, and if you have a decent broadband connection, you probably won’t have any problems.

Thankfully, this is a pretty minor complaint when set against the wonder of playing a proper game of something like Assassin’s Creed on a portable console. You can play your games in bed, on the train, and the games look as beautiful as anything we’ve seen on a hand-held. The HD stream on the OLED screen is a real game changer, and compares favourably with the Xbox 360, thanks to the next-gen rendering.

Other uses
Whilst using Remote Play for games is definitely a big winner, that’s not all you can do. You can also connect to your console via your smartphone, making it easy to message friends and manage PSN friend requests without having to fire up the console or log on to the SEN website. Overall, lots of the second screen uses are more practical and pleasant than you would imagine they might be.

In conclusion, we think Remote Play for the PS4 is definitely worth the hype. If you’ve got a PS4 and a Vita and haven’t linked them up yet, you’re definitely missing a trick. It’s very easy to hook them up and this will definitely make the both the Vita and the PS4 hugely desirable to gamers everywhere.

The Best Mobile Games of 2013


Smartphone technology has advanced so rapidly that we can now play games that only cumbersome consoles could play a few years ago. Some of these games have graphics that could rival any PS3 or Xbox game, fitting neatly into your palm enabling you to play them while you’re on your way to work.

The range is staggering too. You can play just about anything, from retro conversions of old games, to brand new ones that push the boundaries of game narratives for mobile devices. It’s enough to warrant getting a contract if you’re not on one already: check out the contract phones available from Virgin Media to figure out which one will give you the best gaming options! Here is our run down of the best mobile games of last year:

Deus Ex: The Fall

It beggars belief how a stealth-based RPG game could possibly translate to a mobile platform. Deus Ex: The Fall showed just how this was possible. The graphics are up there with the console iterations of the game: you won’t actually believe that you’re playing the game on a phone. Expect dystopian human augmentation, conspiracies and plenty of moral dilemmas and choices to make. All on your phone!

Year Walk

Not all mobile games need to have headache-inducing rainbow colours with high contrast levels. Year Walk isn’t for those who scare easily. Simogo’s sinister game’s best moments are when the player is confronted by the strange puzzles it has to offer, as well as encounters with its strange, creepy creatures.

The Drowning

It’s the future and oil spills have turned most of the population into… zombies! This is a first-person shooter that is incredibly ambitious in its scope. Players must fight for survival by blowing the zombies into smithereens while crafting new weapons from materials found in the wastelands.


Badland features beautifully designed levels, amazing physics and very responsive controls. Quite possibly the best physics-based platformer of all time (for mobile devices, anyway), it features 80 levels, one-touch controls, iCloud support and the promise of more level updates. A true triumph of indie video game development.

The Silent Age

The crowd-funded Silent Age is another true triumph of indie gaming. It features an amazing soundtrack, beautiful visuals reminiscent of noir films and a sci-fi time-travel concept that will captivate geeks and non-geeks alike, as they play a janitor who gets himself into a time travelling conspiracy with the shady corporation he’s working for.

Mobile games aren’t really doing much for manners in our post-smartphone society. Given how amazing and addictive they are, it’s really no surprise that one would rather enjoy and experience alien worlds on their phone, rather than making polite conversation to a stranger on the train. Still, it certainly makes that train journey go that bit quicker.

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