PS4 & Xbox One SquidGrip Review

16150203889_e5104a5982_oAfter my recent review of the Venom PS4 controller kit, I thought I’d check out the alternative products offered by SquidGrip. Unlike Venom, SquidGrip solely focus on making controller grips for console controllers and have used social networks to spread the word about their products. But it takes a bit more than a few daft hashtags like #stopnakedcontrollerabuse to win me over, so I picked up some SquidGrips for my PS4 and Xbox One game pads to see what all the fuss was about.

SquidGrip provides a low-profile, firm and padded surface for your hands – without disrupting the natural feel of your controller. Developed using moisture-wicking technology, no other product alleviates sweaty hands and improves overall grip and comfort like SquidGrip™

I’d mentioned in my previous review that I was initially dubious about controller grips in general, they just seemed like an answer to a problem that I never had. That opinion soon changed once I tried the Venom grips and now using a controller without them feels plain wrong. I picked up a couple of sets up for my PS4 and Xbox one controller, you can get them for £12.99 in-store at Game.

I first tried the PS4 version and have to say they were much easier to fit than the Venom alternatives, thanks to cleverly placed guide holes that need to be matched up to the seams of the controller. Once you have fitted the actual grips, you can also pimp things up a touch with the SquidGrip logo stickers that come included. These actually finish things of nicely and the whole set makes the controller look pretty snazzy and above all makes it feel nice to hold especially on long gaming sessions.

2015-01-22 10.16.38-1I initially played for 3-4 hours solid with these and all was good, until I woke up the next day. For some reason overnight, the PS4 grips had started to come unstuck and were flapping about like a porn stars vagina. I took to Twitter to see if anyone else had these problems and a few followers had the same issues with the PS4 versions, but none for the Xbox One grips. After a few minutes @SquidGrip replied to my Tweet and advised me that all their products were guaranteed against defects for 30 days after purchase. So I got in touch with their support and within a few days I received some replacements, more impressively they actually sent two sets, but less impressively they had sent me the grips for the wrong controller.

As previously mentioned, I also picked up some SquidGrips for my Xbox One controller and I have to say these felt amazing and more importantly are still holding strong several weeks and many hours of gaming later. These are great if you suffer from clammy hands as the do genuinely seem to reduce sweaty hand issues on those epic gaming marathons we all have from time to time.

2015-01-22 10.52.18-2So overall I was very impressed with the Xbox One versions, but rather disappointed with the grips for the PS4 due to the fact they didn’t feel as nice as the Venom grips and started coming unstuck within 24 hours. I would definitely buy these for every Xbox One controller I own and think they should start selling discounted double packs for those with more than one controller as paying £12.99 for each set is rather expensive.