HD Upgrades. Are We Being Mugs?

TLOUR_FINAL_KEY_ART_1402331674 HD Upgrades of classic and favourite games are a good thing right? But sometimes I can’t help feeling mugged off and thinking those that buy into blindly have an element of turd about them. You’ve heard it all before from windbags like myself, but when I see a game that’s been out for 6 months re-released at full price, with merely a lick of paint, I can’t help but look at those buying it for a second time at full price and thinking “You arse-wipe” Of course, my ranting is inspired by the recently released HD ‘Re-Master’ of The Last of Us. If you haven’t played this game, it is a fantastic game. It’s a huge step up in what we consider ‘grown up’ gaming – not by its violence (which is extreme), but in the way it treats its audience as an adult in terms of storytelling and narrative. When I pay full price for game I’m happy to. I’m happy knowing that I’m paying a large team, a team that have been working on a game for a long time- with a lot of blood, sweat and tears and in some cases for years. This is reflected in the price of games and on the whole, I don’t grumble. But then for a lick of paint 6 months down the line to see the same game to be re-packaged. RE4_PC_PACKSHOT_PEGI_1390216278 I’m a hypocrite. I’ve bought many HD updates in the past few years, but I feel this gives me a platform to slag them off a bit. There have been some good ones, updated with a clear passion and love for their source material that the end product shines. When I vented my annoyance at this I was greeted with some hostility. “But it included all the DLC” they cried. Is this the same sort of DLC nearly all of us bemoaned about at the beginning of the last generation? The DLC that these same people said would lead to us being ripped off and should have been included in the game and price on release. Is that the DLC we’re talking of? Because I’m a touch stupid and easily get confused. I smell turd……….. A triple AAA game that does well can actually keep a studio going for years. Yes! The market has changed and it’s a lot more expensive to develop than it’s ever been to develop, with HD being at the very core of that and why we’re seeing the rise of the indies and will be seeing a lot more from them. But in this day and age there are still huge profits being made by the big-boys Minecraft, more free shit came from that game than the International Scat Convention in Berlin. Terraria gave us a complete overhaul for free, FTL recently had a massive free update. Away from the indies- Burnout Paradise gave us a lot of free shit, recently Plants versus Zombies (both EA, oh my). Unreal Tournament, Sonic Lost World, Killzone Shadow Fall. AND ladies and gentlemen, may I nudge your attention to all Valve’s PC catalogue. Masses and masses of free Left 4 Dead content anyone? I’m sure most of you can think of other games that have been generous with updates without charging and arm and a leg. strangers-wrath-hd-demo-1 There has been good HD upgrades and non HD updates. The Metal Gear Solid HD collection, as I touched upon above. The work that Bluepoint Games did on this was done with care and love. It shows in every pixel the care that was taken. The same with JAW’s work on Oddworld Strangers Wrath and more recently on Oddword New ‘n’ Tasty. The 3DS update of Ocarina of Time. Glorious work, glorious updates. Silent Hill HD………. I smell turd. Shadow of the Colossus…….. Oh fuck Ducktails…. even Resident Evil 4……. Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary The turd is strong. Some may berate me for my choice of the bad above, but these are classic games. Classic games have a piece of us, they have our hearts, our memories our feeling and our love entwined in their pixels. They deserve to be treated in kind. Not a lick of paint and a foreman nodding his head “yer, that will do”, despite being left with ugly and sloppy work. The Halo game – a decent job on the graphics, the coding, complete shite. Unplayable online co-op. The game deserves better, we deserve better (and by the looks of it we’re getting something a lot better in Halo Master Chief Collection). I don’t mean to call you names, I don’t mean to call good games turds and I don’t like to call people mugs. But we’re being mugged. halo-the-master-chief-collection-logo-onblack-rgb-jpg TLoU is seemingly lazy upgrade insofar it just does seem to be a lick of paint. It’s not there to show off what great game this is, it’s there to quickly fill a hunger for games and I can’t see it being good for gamers in the long run. It’s there to fill holes, one in a games drought and another in some greedy bastards’ pocket. Look at the videos for the forthcoming Halo MC Collection see what some passion can do with an upgrade.

In a period when 1080p/60fps is bounded about like a badge of honour, it’s easy to blind and daze us to true artistry in favour of some numbers and marketing blurb that most of really don’t care about, we’re being told to care about.

Dazed people are easy to mug.