Venom XT+ Vibration Gaming Headset Review

Compatible with Xbox 360 | PS3 | PS4 | PC | Mac | Cheapest Price £25.99Venom_Vibration Headset XT_THUMBNAIL

Gaming headsets are now big business and there are a massive range of products available on the market to reflect this. Most budgets are now catered for, but in the past, cheap gaming headsets meant nasty gaming headsets. Thankfully, this is no longer the case, as proven by this headset. The Venom XT+ may look like a normal headset at first glance, but it has a pretty snazzy vibration feature that is delivered via two additional 30mm Vibration Speaker Drivers, which work alongside the 40mm drivers that provide the sound. Sounds good, but will it actually make a difference to your gaming experience?

First Impressions

I managed to un-box the headset without finding the need to video it, which seems impossible for most people these days! Who knew opening boxes was so exciting, right?

My first impression was that they looked very well made and resembled traditional DJ headsets in their design, which was nice as some sets out there look like you have a small space station strapped to your head. The build quality seems very good for a headset that you can pick up for under £30 and the materials used look nice and more importantly feel comfortable when wearing them. They also have the Venom logo on each earpiece which glows red when in use, plus you can also fold them up, enabling them to be easily stored away.

Good vibrations?

Despite the fact a Vibration Headset sounds like a ploy from Ann Summers to get gamers in to their stores, it’s actually an interesting addition. I was initially expecting the kind of rumble you’d find in many controllers and envisaged my teeth being rattled loose in my head, but this isn’t so as the vibrations are very subtle, yet still effective. The vibrations were actually so subtle I initially wondered if there was any difference between these and any other gaming headset that doesn’t have the vibration feature. I then done a direct comparison between these and several other headsets I own and it was obvious straight away that the other sets were missing the deep, bass driven vibrations that the Venom XT+ delivers.

Just don’t expect the same kind of vibrations you get with the likes of the Dualshock 4 as controller vibrations are provided by small motors, whereas the vibrations in this headset are delivered via additional speakers, so the vibration is nowhere near as strong.

Sound Quality

The Venom XT+ sound quality is also pretty impressive for a headset in this price range. They obviously don’t compare to high-end sets that boast 7.1 surround sound, but for this kind of money you’ll be hard pushed to find anything that sounds better. In-game chat is also very clear and you can control both the chat and game volume independently via the in-line control, which also has a feature that lets you adjust the intensity of the vibration.


There are no major moans, the most annoying thing about the headset is that it does pick up a small amount of static background noise, however this soon disappears once the game sound kicks in. The in-line volume control could also do with a clip that you can attach to clothing and the cord could do with being slightly longer.

[box type=”info” style=”rounded” border=”full”]We have since been informed that future stock of these headsets will include a clip on the in-line controls[/box]

Venom_Vibration Headset XT_ACTION_THUMBNAIL

Overall Impressions

This headset is great value for money and offers sound quality that rivals the equivalent models in the popular Turtle Beach range. The vibration feature is a nice addition, but not enough of a game changer to justify running out and buying these if you already have a decent wired headset.

However, if you are in the market for a new headset, then this is a great option that can be picked up for just £25.99 here or on-line and in-store at Argos for £29.99

Reviewed using PS4


*Prices correct at time of publication

Technical Specifications

  • 40mm Speaker Drivers – superior sound clarity to enhance your gaming experience
  • 30mm Vibration Speaker Drivers – featuring rich bass and vibration technology to fully
  • Immerse you into the game like never before
  • Inline Volume Control Unit – ergonomically designed control for in-game volume
  • Adjustments, online chat audio and vibration sensitivity
  • Soft Cushioned Headband and Ear Cups – for maximum comfort during gameplay
  • Neon Power Led Ear Cups – LED indicator gives power status
  • Adjustable Flexible Microphone – fully adjustable microphone for live in-game chat;
  • Detachable for easy storage
  • 3.85 Metre Cable – with USB, RCA connectors and 2.5mm jack
  • UNIVERSAL – Compatible with PS4, PS3, Xbox 360, PC and Mac

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