Immune – Early Access Preview


Immune from Vidiludi Games & Entertainment, is an early access sandbox survival MMORPG. Set in an apocalyptic wasteland after an unknown disease has broken out, it has reduced humanity to scavenging masses and split the survivors into two groups, the players (us), and a bunch of gas mask wearing, gun toting psychopaths.. who occasionally wear Rastafarian cap’s (other caps are available) and of course there’s the ever present threat of zombies and mutants.

The game is played from a top down view, and movement is controlled by the arrow keys, E to pick up items and Spacebar to harvest/attack. To survive you can either fortify existing buildings (I only saw a handful of buildings you could not enter) or wall off a little patch of land to call your own. You will also need to gather food or grow crops as well so you don’t starve to death.

Immune_(PC___Mac)_-_01Gather resources to build items, wood is collected from trees, stone is found in patches on the ground and metal.. well metal seems to be pretty rare, in fact I only managed to collect metal from a backpack I found on the floor.. suspiciously close to a zombie sporting a rather fetching cowboy hat.

Use the resources to craft doors, fences, campfires, slingshots, wooden clubs, shovels.. you get the idea.

The crafting is a simple affair, no need to place items in the right place on a crafting grid, like Minecraft. Want to craft a wooden club? Collect 10 wood, select wooden club press craft.. it is that simple.

Currently the game area is limited to the upper left side of the map, with a lovely coastline, lots of green fields, an airstrip (no planes) and the occasional quarantine zone. Any attempt to go further to the east or south leads to big wall with “Coming Soon” written across it, not that the current play area is small, it still took me over 10 minutes to walk across this section of the map. And you’re not limited to just walking as there are vehicles! Currently the Jeep is the only alternative mode of transport in game and driving into the zombies and survivors is strangely entertaining. Plus it’s the easiest way to survive your first few run ins with the hostile forces.

Immune_(PC___Mac)_-_02Combat is another simple affair, find your enemy and click on him and head towards them while hitting the Spacebar, if you’re lucky you would of found a better weapon than a wooden club. which though better than your bare hands was still pretty weak.
My first few run ins with hostile NPC’s led to death by:
Zombie (wearing a Cowboy hat)
Survivor (wearing a Rastacap)
Zombie (no head wear)
Cow.. (or possibly a Bull… it was big, and cow like, I think it had horns)
Zombie (wearing a hard hat)

Immune_(PC___Mac)_-_03The version I’ve been playing is 0.4.0 Alpha, so there is still a bit of tweaking and game balancing to do, Control pad support would be a positive addition, I also found the tutorial tips can be a little vague at times so a little sprucing up to do.

I’m going to keep an eye on the development of Immune, I’m quite impressed by the state of the game at the moment and can’t wait to see how the game progresses.

Immune is Available from Developers Website Here.